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NOV 22

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Solar Cogeneration System Doubles Up on Technology, Delivers 80% Efficiency

Cogenra Solar has developed a new rooftop solar energy system that combines solar water heating and with solar PV panels, allowing it to convert a whopping 80 percent of captured solar energy into usable energy.

The solar cogeneration array includes silicon PV cells, concentrating mirrors that track the sun and a solar thermal transfer system that captures what would be waste heat from a PV array and turns it into hot water.  The system also uses the thermal system to cool the PV components, allowing the cells to have a higher energy output.

The system can produce 50 kW of electricity and the equivalent of 222 kW of thermal energy.

The great thing is that this system utilizes already-existing technology but just combines them in a way that makes them even more effective and beneficial.  If all rooftop arrays were made to viagra online pharmacy generic combine the two forces of solar PV and solar water heating, buildings could see a much greater energy payoff.

via Treehugger

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written by Doc R, November 23, 2010
... residential model available anytime soon? It would be great to have this in a 5Kw model (1/10 scale).
written by Ecover US Blog, November 23, 2010
You said it: "If all rooftop arrays were made to combine the two forces of solar PV and solar water heating, buildings could see a much greater energy payoff." We couldn't agree more. Good article.
-Deb for Ecover
little correction
written by Alex, November 23, 2010
Last word of the first paragraph is supposed to be energy, not electricity.
Why use PV on the roof at all?
written by Sue, November 25, 2010
A thermal collector on the roof and closed system turbine driven by LPG (liquid petroleum gas) state change is much more efficient than PV cells. Power output of 50kW is easy to obtain.
written by Ray @ Diy Solar Panels, November 25, 2010
The question is recommended site buy cialis without a prescription how much is the price of this type of technology plus 222Kw of thermal energy I see this type of systems installed on hotels and some factories .
written by sriram, December 03, 2010
how about using the wind energy as a part of this system. two advantages:
1. genration of power
2. two thwe avaialble wind can be channelised by proper design of the blades to cool the PV panels to get higher efficiency
Why use PV on the roof at all?
written by Ron, December 03, 2010
Sue -

Please provide a link. Or details of a LPG system that homeowners could use at a reasonable price...


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