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DEC 07

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"Solar panels in buses is a great idea. I hope they were able to add mo..."

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Flexible Solar "Power Plastic" Hits New Efficiency High

Konarka, a solar company that makes a flexible, organic solar technology called Power Plastic has scored a new record by achieving an 8.3 efficiency rate.  The rate was certified by NREL and pushes organic thin-film technology to another level.

This new efficiency rate still puts organic solar technology at half the efficiency of crystalline silicon PV panels, but organic solar cells have the rx online viagra added benefit of very good site order viagra now being cheaper to how to buy levitra produce and buy levitra where flexible solar film is portable and easy to install anywhere.

The Power Plastic may ring a bell because it's the material used in the solar bus stops in San Francisco.  The city plans to install 300 solar bus stops, producing a total of 43,000 kWh per year. 

via Grist

Image via Inhabitat

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Panels on top of buses
written by Joe Y, December 09, 2010
This is no prescription saturday delivery tramadol a fantastic use of solar technology and stationary objects to generate power. I hope the path continues with installing solar panels on top of buses. Like the Toyota Prius, it would be great to have solar panels on buses.
written by Roberto, December 09, 2010
I don't believe for one instant that these flexible panels can provide enough power to operate the bus. The power demand of the bus would be peak over 500kW at times, there is no way that flexible plastic can carry the current required, let alone produce it in the first instance.
Bus stop doesn't power the generic cialis effective bus
written by Matt, December 09, 2010
If you check the linked story the bus stop does not power the bus. The panels power local applications at the bus stop.
solar Powered bus
written by smith solar power, December 30, 2010
Solar power is non-pollutant. I have seen a solar bus and now there is solar bus stop. It is a good news for everyone that solar power is now on road. Everyone should know about this changing climate.
written by Solar Panels, March 12, 2012
Solar panels in buses is a great idea. I hope they were able to add more solar bus stops in their projects.

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