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JAN 04

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"Great finding. Nature is viagra tablet weight ahead of us in solar electricity field N T Na..."

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Oriental Hornet Produces Solar Power In Its Stripes

Scientists have made a major discovery about the oriental hornet -- it's the first known species in the real viagra online animal kingdom that generates electricity from sunlight.

Scientists knew that the hornet generated electricity in its exoskeleton, but didn't know why.  Once they noticed that the hornet was active when the sun was most intense, they decided to see if the two were related.  Turns out the hornet's striped tissues are a solar power factory of sorts:  pigments in the brown tissues trap light, while the yellow tissues generate electricity.

The brown tissues contain melanin and how to get viagra in canada a structural analysis showed that they featured grooves that capture light and channel the rays into the how can i buy viagra in canada tissues, sort of buy cheap online viagra like a light trap.  The yellow tissues contain xanthopterin, which, in mammals, makes urine yellow.  When the scientists isolated the xanthopterin in a liquid solution, put that inside a solar cell electrode and then focused light on it, the pigment produced electricity.

Compared to man-made solar cells, which are usually 10 - 11 percent efficient, the hornet's tissues are only .335 percent efficient, but this discovery could still lead to some interesting biomimicry in the solar energy world, like has been done with butterfly wings and many more of nature's wonders.

via National Geographic

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That is remarkable
written by Matt, January 05, 2011
To actually find an insect that has evolved in a way that uses the very essence of the sun to be one of its main life sources.
written by sarah, January 09, 2011
so basically we have the same substances in our bodies we just use them differently? or do we potentially get energy from the sun but never gave it the three day delivery viagra credit it deserves.. Maybe I just feel more energized when I'm out in the sun but I wouldn't put it past anyone to discover that even WE harvest the sun... not just for the vitamin d that does give us energy....
pee power?
written by jimmyp, January 12, 2011
could this pigment in urine be used to make solar cells? that is awesome!!
written by N T Nair, January 16, 2011
Great finding. Nature is ahead of us in solar electricity field
N T Nair

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