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JAN 27

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"Hi Carol, I don't see that my comment was wrong (despite a carel..."

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First Solar Sail Spacecraft Circles the Earth

NASA's NanoSail-D has become the first solar sail spacecraft to orbit the Earth.  At first, the tiny spacecraft got stuck when team members tried to release it from the FASTSAT satellite in late 2010, but a few days ago it spontaneously ejected from the satellite and buy viagra soft tabs starting sailing its way around the planet.

The probe on the NanoSail-D is the size of a breadbox and the sail is ten square meters.  NASA plans to observe the spacecraft and study how it can be used to bring old satellites and space junk out of orbit.  As a solar sail circles circle the planet, it skims the atmosphere and aerodynamic drag eventually brings it down out of orbit where it burns up in the atmosphere, which for the enter site 5mg cialis NanoSail-D should happen within 120 days.

While NASA plans to stay close to home, Japan's space program JAXA is using solar sails to venture deeper into space. Last year, JAXA deployed a solar sail spacecraft called IKAROS in interplanetary space where, using the pressure of sunlight, it sailed by Venus.  A follow-up mission to cialis next day cruise by Jupiter is planned for later this decade.

via Physorg


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written by Carol, January 30, 2011
I wonder how much CO2 was generated in making this folly.
written by George, January 31, 2011
Hey, that's nice to hear! But I wondered how it could collect space junk out of the orbit, if it had no robot arms? Besides from that, it definitely is a step towards the replacement of normal satellites with solar satellites. I'm glad to get to know it!
written by Barney, January 31, 2011
The "size of a breadbox"? OK, people like me in their mid-80s used to have one, but home many other people know what that size represents?
And, in reference to the above comment, I don't know the answer but all activity in the year 2011 emits C02 and I doubt that this lightweight, minimally-powered craft uses much compared to other objects in space which were built and then lifted into orbit. If you oppose the space program then that is a different discussion.
written by Carol, February 01, 2011
Reading comprehension difficulties? Not how much CO2 emits, but how much was generated in its construction and deployment.
written by Barney Sperlin, February 03, 2011
Hi Carol,
I don't see that my comment was wrong (despite a careless misspelling). I said "all activity in the year 2011 emits C02" and so that includes the indian viagra generic CO2 generated in the construction and deployment of herbal alternative to cialis the solar sail.

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