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JUN 13

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"I hereby express my annoyance at the plethora of "latest developments"..."

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Triple Threat: New Generator Harnesses Energy from Sun, Wind and levitra generic Rain

One thing that's known for sure about the where can i purchase cialis future of renewable energy is that it will take all types to fulfill our energy needs.  The wind isn't always blowing and the sun isn't always shining, but if wind, solar, geothermal, wave/tidal and any other type of renewable energy generation are all utilized and all feeding the grid, then we'll be more than covered.  But what about devices that can harness more than one of these renewable energy sources at once?

A new renewable energy generator developed by researchers at the University of Bolton in the UK is able to harness energy from not one, but three sources:  sunlight, wind and rain.  I'm sure you're imagining one crazy-looking contraption, but this new technology actually uses ribbons of piezoelectric polymer that are coated with a thin, flexible solar PV film.

The ribbons generate electricity anytime they're disturbed, whether by wind or rain drops, or when the buying viagra in the us sun is shining.  The more forcefully they're moved, the greater the energy payoff.  The researchers imagine a pine cone shaped structure consisting of thousands of these ribbons.

The ribbons can only generate small amounts of electricity, so the researchers foresee them being used in low energy applications like powering gadgets.  Another possibility is applying the same techniques to nylon for use in energy-generating clothing.

via New Scientist

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written by AJ, June 13, 2011
Umm, should the heading be Triple Treat rather than Triple Threat? Where are the threats?
Pico Projector
written by Surendra, June 14, 2011
I think, the threats are within the article. But the article is impressive.
Triple Processing Technology
written by Gavon, June 14, 2011
Nature knows best. The best topological arrangement would be a dendrite (a tree structure). The dendrite graph creates the optimal expansive stacking scheme and it can be arranged fractally. But hang on, nature has already designed dendritic collection arrays (they are called trees). A collection of these arrays is termed a forest.

Why not genetically modify trees to generate power directly? A forest could supply enough power for a small town. When the trees die they can be burned for energy.

written by alexander, June 14, 2011
> if wind, solar, geothermal, wave/tidal and any other type of renewable energy generation are all utilized and all feeding the grid, then we'll be more than covered.

This is a highly controversial statement. Read "Renewable Energy cannot sustain consumer Society" book by Ted Trainer.
written by karthiq, June 16, 2011
> if wind, solar, geothermal, wave/tidal and any other type of renewable energy generation are all utilized and all feeding the grid, then we'll be more than covered.

What this actually means is since conventional power supply sources are not enough to sustain consumer society now.... these renewable types if combinely utilized along with conventional power then we will be covered.

Its not one substituting the other.
written by sarah, June 19, 2011
so can i cover my roof with tiny cute little pine cones? could i cover the sun facing side of my house with little fringe tiles that Rustle in the breeze?
triple threat means...
written by Steph, June 22, 2011
For those of discount viagra you asking about the meaning of the title, the term 'triple threat' is used in performing arts to describe someone who can sing AND dance AND act. This makes them highly desirable for parts in plays and shows, and a threat to only best offers cheap cialis canada other actors/dancers/singers auditioning for parts. It is definitely a POSITIVE term.
YAWN - Yet Another WetDream Non-starter
written by kootzie, June 23, 2011
I hereby express my annoyance at the plethora of "latest developments" - froth streaming forth from various techno-illiterates seeking their 15 seconds of micro-fame (or at least attention...)

Just cause some would-be researcher comes up with another wet-dream-angle for the latest grant proposal does not make for newsworthiness. Once something has been developed to the we recommend best canadian pharmacy working prototype stage, maybe it is presentation/discussion-worthy.

This so-called triple-threat is more like jack-of-3-techs, master of none. I don't even need to see a prototype to know this is we like it cheapest prices on levitra a non-starter.

Rain-power. Hah! That's even hilarious.
How's this for Realizable rain-power:
Elevated rainwater storage coupled with drip-irrigation lawn/garden watering to replace the widespread practice of sprinklering lawns/gardens with tap water which simultaneously wastes all the energy/water that went in to producing the tap water,
subjecting the plants to thermal-shock, chlorine/floride exposure, evaporative losses, etc. etc. The existing technology is simple, in-hand, self-evident.

For solar, until highly-insulated, integrated thermal-mass passive-solar home/building becomes the critical-mass conventional practice, the current fixation on marginal improvements to cialis professional canadian canada PV efficiency is just a bunch of nonsensical post-wet-dream-jerking-off to ego-geek-porn. If you haven't picked the low-hanging fruit don't imagine your playing around with tech-toys as advancing the take cialis state of ANY art.

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