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"The german solar park looks really nice and, of course, it is fantasti..."

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Germany Covers Old Pit Mine with World's Largest Solar Park

A new section added onto a huge solar park in Eastern Germany now makes it the largest solar park in the world, but the more interesting fact about this section is that it was built over an old pit mine that had rendered that land useless for years.

The new section added 78 MW to the pain medication tramadol plant and, amazingly, it was constructed in just three months.

Using land that is otherwise undesirable is a great tactic for large solar developers because not only are they turning the remnants of something that once harmed the environment into an energy plant that is far gentler to it, but it also ensures that there isn't competition for that land for food production or other important uses.

The German solar park near Senftenburg now has a capacity of 166 MW.

via Treehugger

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Germany Covers Old Pit Mine With World's Largest Solar Park
written by Emma Thomson, October 04, 2011
This is wonderful! I feel this is a very smart thing to do. Not only is Germany improving the asthetics of the country but it is also covering all the old pit mines which could have caused many other problems other than just looking like a blight on the beautiful landscape. With the solar panels they are producing natural energy that they will get every day all year and never run out of!! Wonderful job Germany and keep up the great work!!smilies/smiley.gif
written by Anna, October 05, 2011
Looks cloudy there
written by Dennis, October 12, 2011
Why will the US not commit to solar on good choice buy cialis online cheap a large scale such as this? There is a lot of blighted land that could be covered in solar panel which could reduce the cost of online cialis sales generating electricity. Why is the US always about 40 years behind the Europeans?
written by ron, November 09, 2011
166MW is alot of clean power, Germany is not building any more nucular plants, so this is the better way to go. Other countries such as the US are falling way behind in solat development.
written by Kindle, December 12, 2011
If the Germans keep this up in a couple of years they will no longer have to mine coal for their power needs. The solar power will take care of their power needs.
written by Award Plaques, February 05, 2012
The german solar park looks really nice and, of course, it is fantastically big! Reminds me the purchasing viagra lungs of the's much better than nuclear power stations...

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