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NOV 07

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":) Japan's FiT in July is among the highest in the world. It's clear t..."

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Saving Land with Floating Solar Panels

A water treatment plant in New Jersey has gone solar with an unusual floating array of solar panels. Because the water treatment facility is located on a protected site there was very little land available for construction. Floating the solar panels on the reservoir was the best way to add solar power to the cialis discounts facility.

According to New Jersey American Water, the installation at the Canoe Brook Water Treatment Plant is generic viagra usa the first solar array on a body of water designed to withstand a freeze/thaw environment. The installation comprises 538 modules on a floating structure that is designed to rise and buying us online viagra fall with the water levels in the reservoir.

The panels are expected to provide about 2 percent of the plant's energy needs, resulting in about $16,000 in energy cost savings annually. The company press release notes that this is part of very good site levitra tablets for sale a $1.35 million dollar pilot project undertaken by the utility. That may not be cost effective even in the lifetime of the solar panels. But perhaps the infrastructure investment will help pay off in other long-term benefits.

image: New Jersey American Water (Facebook)

via: Solar Thermal Magazine

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Can this be combined with tide/wave power generation?
written by PJ, January 08, 2012
It makes sense to use water as a platform for solar panels. It's flat and doesn't have obstructions to sun exposure. If this were compatible with wave power, the output could be increased regardless of weather conditions, like in combo PV/wind applications. Sections or modules could be hinged together, with the "hinges" being another power producing module.
Wow, this is like the viagra prescription label gift that keep on giving, but someone will likely complain that we're damaging something by doing this. In case the naysayers hadn't noticed, we're damaging the whole planet by merely existing in the billions. Every little bit helps, and someday we'll even get to coordinating all these efforts (whatever that means, I haven't figured it out yet). Bring up the topic of the national electric grid. Should electricity be decentralized to the point that every business, residence and project produces it's own power, or should the national electricity grid still be used to access storage and distribution?
written by Solar Power, February 24, 2012
Given all the environmental concerns of building solar plants on land, this particular design of a floating solar plant has some potential to bring power. Since there is no extra land, water is one of a good options too.
It's clear that Japan's FiT will shake the solar market.
written by Minwoo Kim, May 14, 2012
smilies/smiley.gif Japan's FiT in July is among the highest in the world. It's clear that Japan's FiT will shake the solar market. Now, US has the ordering levitra same options. New solar technology will show in Japan. This is it!
As you know, earthquake in japan is happening frequently. Floating solar panels installation is viagra canadian one of the best solutions for power crisis in Japan. So you have to levitra online shop reduce the vibration to install Floating solar panels. Because, it makes many kinds of tramadol pharmacy problems! The vibrations caused by wind, waves and external forces. New Floating Body Stabilizer for Floating solar panels installation has been created in South Korea. The Floating Body Stabilizers generate drag force immediately when Floating solar panels are being rolled and pitched on the water. Recently, this Floating Body Stabilizers using to reduce the Vibration of Floating Solar Panels in South Korea. You can see New Floating Body Stabilizer videos in YouTube., '>

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