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JAN 27

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"Now look at a map. See that really big land-mass across the pacific fr..."

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Japanese Solar Panel Owners Sold $1.2 Billion Worth of order propica Surplus Power Back to Grid Last Year

Japanese home and business owners with solar power installations sold 2,150 GWh of electricity back to their power utilities last year, a huge 50 percent increase over the amount sold back to the brand levitra for sale grid in 2010.  The sellers collectively made a nice $1.2 billion off their surplus electricity.

The Japanese government has a feed-in-tariff scheme that requires the utilities to purchase the extra power which was small beans compared to brand viagra the average 884,000 GWh of electricity that those utilities sell to customers per year.

The government is set to introduce even more subsidies for domestic renewable energy power developers. The new scheme will include electricity from solar, wind, small hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal plants, but only solar panel owners with systems of 10 kW or less will still be able to sell their excess power.

via Reuters


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Excess Power?
written by JanS, January 31, 2012
Wow an increase of 50% that's quite amazing!
In Germany you are even able to sell green solar electricity to the grid, and buy cheap nuclear power back.
In fact you can make quite some money with that because government subsidies are so high. I won't judge this here, but at least this brings a little more solar power into the mix.
Maybe some similar program is running in Japan and they simply sold ALL their generated electricity?
If somebody knows, please keep me up to date...
written by Fencerdave, January 31, 2012
Now look at a map. See that really big land-mass across the pacific from Japan? (hint: you may have to viagra overnight delivery go to the other side of the map)

That's called America.

I'll bet this would work really well there. They get at least as much sun. Why aren't we doing this?

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