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MAR 08

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"In short, that solar flare business is a large "meh" from most people...."

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Solar Storms Could Disrupt Power Grid

A recent article from Smart Energy Portal turns out to buy viagra generic be extremely timely as a major solar storm is headed towards Earth.

Geomagnetic storms are triggered by the solar wind of charged particles from a solar eruption which create fields that interfere with the Earth's own magnetic fields. In turn, this can induce low frequency currents in the power grid network, and these currents have the potential to damage the high voltage transformers that are central to power transmission over the only for you buying generic cialis grid.

While this storm doesn't appear to have the strength to damage power distribution, the sun certainly has the potential for stronger outbursts, and there have been grid failures due to solar activity in the past.

image: NASA


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written by Scott , March 11, 2012
In short, that solar flare business is a large "meh" from most people. If the power goes out, we deal with it.
Its not like a hurricane or an earthquake that has build collapses, trees flying around, etc.
Its a matter of the power will be out for awhile. Or maybe not. Whatever.

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