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MAR 16

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"A breakthrough, finally! Someone said it's the solar power tipping poi..."

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Making Solar Panels with an Ion Cannon

Twin Creeks Technologies has announced a new method to make less expensive solar cells. While we see many new ways of making cheap solar panels, most of these methods focus on producing panels with alternative materials rather than silicon. But the method developed by Twin Creeks produces ultra-thin pieces of crystalline silicon by using an ion cannon dubbed Hyperion.

There are a number of different materials that are used for solar cells, but crystalline silicon is the material that has been used for cells with the buy ultram online cheap highest efficiency. Unfortunately, it also has a very high cost. Much of the thickness of viagra from canadian pharmacy the silicon cell does not contribute to levitra online shopping making electricity. Thinner cells would work as well, and use less material, but they have been too hard to produce until now, because crystalline silicon is a fragile and canadian cialis scam brittle material.

The Hyperion ion cannon bombards discs of silicon with hydrogen ions with a very precisely controlled charge. These accumulate in a layer 20 micrometers below the surface. After bombardment, the discs are transported to a furnace where the ions expand into hydrogen gas and shear off a fine layer of crystalline silicon called a lamina, which is ten times thinner than conventionally produced silicon (20 micrometers versus 200 micrometers). These pieces can be mounted on a metal backing which supports the silicon and allows it to flex without breaking. This method also eliminates the waste of silicon which is ordinarily lost from conventional sawing.

The company claims an ability to create silicon solar cells for under 40 cents per watt (half the price of conventional methods), and says that one of its Hyperion systems has the saturday tramadol cod capacity to produce 1.5 million wafers - enough for 6 megawatts of cost of viagra solar cells - per year.

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written by Justin Joyner, March 17, 2012
You should also take a look at this.

They claim it runs on 5 watts of power.
written by Juan Miguel Ruiz, March 17, 2012
Honestly, the first thing that popped into my head when I read "Ion Cannon" was the Rebellion's base on Hoth (Star Wars for the unenlightened smilies/tongue.gif). smilies/cheesy.gif

Definitely an interesting event for the renewable energy industry. Will this put solar panels on every household roof? I'm intrigued at the prospects of providing cheap panels, and with lower acquisition costs, we can expect leaps in development thanks to viagra online in spain individuals playing around with panels. It's definitely an exciting development. I hope they can deliver on their promises though.

Juan Miguel Ruiz
written by Richard Sittel, March 18, 2012
This could prove to be the tipping point for solar energy, only time will tell. Once solar reaches "grid parity" there will be a boom in installations like no other in the history of man. It will also lead to a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel use..... One can only hope.
written by Jan Stephens, March 18, 2012
While solar companies are definitely in some trouble in the last time, IMHO it's really just a matter of time till these sector will explode. There are just two points that need to be improved:

1. Efficiency of solar cells
To be competitive, the efficiency of solar cells needs seriously to be improved. Technologies are on free sample of viagra the way to bring us these improvements.

2. Lower Production Costs
That's maybe the how to get cialis without prescription point where the breakthrough will happen in the first time.

Silicon isn't short, it's just purified silicon that is expensive to produce. Obviosusly, solar cells that need less silicon are a step in the right direction but if we can find a technique to simplify the sophisticated purifying proess, solar power will explode and the mentioned boom can happen.
It’s great if they can make solar panels cheaper.
written by Kyriaki (Sandy) Venetis, March 19, 2012
I think it’s great if they can make solar panels cheaper. Besides the residential sector, the government sector and commercial industries are also now either increasing or considering increasing their use of solar energy.

I recently wrote an article about a multi-state rooftop project called “Project Amp” for the bolstering of buy ultram online cheap the U.S. electric grid. With the finalizing of a $1.4 billion partial loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy, Project Amp was green-lighted to go. The solar generation project will be installed across about 750 commercial rooftops across 28 states, and the District of Columbia.

Also, schools are increasingly using solar power to reduce their energy costs. Tom’s River, N.J. has begun using solar energy to power its schools.

New Jersey government policies have created renewable energy credits that have spurred public-private partnerships for solar projects. These policies are being looked at by New York State legislators as possible models for similar future initiatives.

The Manhattan borough president recently released a report which said that public school rooftops in New York City are a vast untapped resource for generating solar power that could be used to lower yearly city energy costs by millions of dollars.

I think the cheaper solar panels are, the more viable an option they will be for all sectors and industries.
written by Zed, March 23, 2012
Something cannot be 10 times smaller than something else. We measure things based on their size, not on their smallness.

These panels are 1/10 as thick, not 10 times as thin.
written by Amanda, March 25, 2012
A really interesting step forward in solar panel technology. If anyone's interested there's a pretty intriguing series on Environment and Technology and internet pharmacy propecia their effect on each other here: Bunch of interviews including Tom Rand from the CleanTech sector.
written by Saso , April 09, 2012
The main thing is to find way to produce chipper and effective solar cells so this technology could be present in almost every home.
written by Manny @ Pacebutler Recycling Blog, April 20, 2012
A breakthrough, finally! Someone said it's the solar power tipping point and he's probably right. Blogging about this, thanks for sharing.

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