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"I believe this is a great idea to cialis generico create Solar power..."

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Tesla and it's cool cialis 50 mg SolarCity Team Up to Create Solar-Powered, Off-Grid Homes

Tesla Motors has found a new application for its battery technology -- off-grid solar-powered homes. The automaker is teaming up with solar panel installer SolarCity to connect its batteries to solar-powered homes, unlinking the panels from the grid and using the batteries as back-up.

The team has submtited applications for 70 different projects to California utility PG&E's solar incentive program that would see homes linked together with Tesla battery packs and solar panels. The batteries would store energy produced by the cheap tramadol cod panels for use during the night, on cloudy days and during grid power outages, allowing the homes to operate fully free of the grid.

The partnership is relying on incentives to get the projects moving. If the projects qualify for the California incentives and federal tax incentives, the cost of these installations could be cut in half, making them much more appealing to homeowners since solar panel installations are already expensive and those coupled with battery storage would be even more so. But if they can get the costs down and market this combined system, we could see off-grid living become much more approachable.

via SolarCity and GigaOm

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written by Juan Miguel Ruiz, April 26, 2012
Great deal. Maybe communities of off-grid homes can generate enough power to not only sustain their own needs, but to give back to others who require a bit more power.

I suddenly had thoughts of a world where we don't have dedicated power plants, instead having compound structures which can generate enough power to support power-hungry structures such as hospitals.

Juan Miguel Ruiz
written by Jay Silva, May 04, 2012
I love this idea. We have been installing windmills and solar arrays on homes with battery backup systems. Because of utility outages, the battery back up was considered as important as the renewable energy. It would be great to see this technology get less expensive.
written by Andrei Petrescu, June 02, 2012
I believe this is a great idea to create Solar power

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