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JUN 07

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"That is a result of very innovative and cialis sale in australia nice thinking. Due to increase..."

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Solar Power Program Will Bring Electricity to Remote Villages in India

A new initiative by SunEdison will see the installation of distributed solar power plants around India, bringing electricity to areas that have never had it before. Through the program, called Eradication of Darkness, SunEdison will design, install and manage the solar power systems in remote villages across the levitra headaches country.

According to the United Nations, one in five people in the world do levitra pharmacy purchase not have electricity and  over 400,000 of these people live in India.  Lack of electricity limits education and economic opportunities and makes populations more vulnerable to sickness and famine.

Already the solar company has installed a 14-kilowatt solar energy plant in Meerwada, India that is visit web site buy generic cialis supplying electricity to 400 villagers that were relying on kerosene lamps for light and walking 3 km for drinking water.

The program will be implemented in stages as funding from government grants and private investors and best prices on brand viagra corporations, as well as logistical partners, are acquired. As of now, 29 villages in the Guna District have been identified for the next phase of viagra equivalent installations.

An integral part of the program is educating the villages' residents on solar power and electricity, including safety training,

“As challenging as logistics are in rural electrification, it is important that residents have a voice in the development, deployment and management of a solution,” said Pashupathy Gopalan, Managing Director, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Operations, SunEdison. “We have worked very hard to understand their needs and provide education about the cheapest prices for viagra online possibilities of electricity. We believe education is one of the most important aspects to buy cheap generic viagra ensuring the project’s success.”

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written by Juan Miguel Ruiz, June 08, 2012
That's why solar is so great. You don't need to develop infrastructure on a massive scale. You just need the panels and a few other gear, and voila! You have electricity even in very remote areas.

Juan Miguel Ruiz
how long will the bulbs last?
written by r, June 12, 2012
What happens when the light buld burns out? Maybe I'm wrong but I dont think they have a local walmart they can go to in the remote location they live in. I hope this program does work out Im excited about it.
written by anteater, June 12, 2012
I suppose they would replace them, just like anyone else in the world does when their bulbs burn out. However, I think they would probably be using non-icandescent lamps (LEDs) for this kind of project.

If they can't afford a replacement bulb, they can obtain a micro-loan for the bulb.
Always a downside
written by Harriet, June 14, 2012
Eradication of darkness is a good name, I guess, with the huge outdoor light in the background of the picture. It could also be called eradication of generic viagra india starry night skies. Why can't the lights be inside people's houses, not creating light pollution where there was none? smilies/sad.gif
Save The Forest
written by alberto, June 21, 2012
Help The Forest... Please Help us Reforest the American Biological Corridor by supporting our project in
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written by johnnytaj, July 26, 2012
So finally the visit web site real viagra dark nights going to end for villages in India.
A nice initiative
written by Solar Power Plant in India, June 27, 2014
That is a result of very innovative and nice thinking. Due to increase in population in India and everyday needs electricity consumption has increased and price of levitra increasing and hence our natural resources which are used to generate electricity are depleting very fast so there is a need that we moved to renewable source that is solar energy to i recommend levitra online shop uk produce electricity by making large solar power plants in India. Good work

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