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OCT 11

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Denmark Hits Solar Energy Goal 8 Years Early

Installing solar power in Denmark is going faster than planned, and the country has already reached its goal of 200 megawatts of solar capacity. This amount was the goal that the Danish government had set to reach by 2020.

At present, the country is adding 36 MW of solar panels each month, and industry predictions are that there will be 1000 MW of solar panels (five times the goal) installed by 2020. Denmark has one of the highest levels of renewable power installed as a percentage of cialis buy now total power requirements. The national goals on online sellers of cialis and viagra that front are 35 percent (to be reached by 2020) and 100 percent (to be reached by 2050). More than 20 percent of Danish power is supplied from renewable sources at present.

The Danish energy market makes this an attractive option for homeowners and levitra generic online other building owners. “The demand for solar cells has increased dramatically since net metering was implemented in 2010. Net metering gives private households and public institutions the possibility of ‘storing’ surplus production in the only here on line pharmacy public grid, which makes solar panels considerably more attractive.”

via: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release

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On the flipside
written by Thorbjørn Aksel Nielsen, October 11, 2012
Well, as good as this may seem, the Danish media has not angled it this way.

The problem is, according to the electricity companies, that homeowners are given incentive to invest in solar panels in a way that negatively influences the electric market in general. It is actually more expensive to produce energy because more solar panels are joining the system.

Our current government are trying to change this so new laws are in place as soon as two weeks from now, practically disincentivising consumers as it may no longer be economically feaseable to viagra us pharmacy overnight shipping fedex buy solar panels.

The good thing, however, is that those investing BEFORE will not be hit by the changes - that's what we've been promised at least.

Hopefully they will be changing the registration taxation system on cars soon, moving away from taxation based on prices and towards revarding low-emission cars instead of small cars.
written by mike, October 11, 2012
Is it possible to upgrade panels when more efficient ones get developed?
Keep it up!
written by AGS Solar, October 12, 2012
This is great! It's wonderful to see countries take the lead like this!
Good news
written by jackie, October 12, 2012
As one of the cleanest and the oldest energy, solar energy has many advantages. The more solar energy we use, the more benefits we can get from it.
Way to go!
written by David @ Solar Power Backpacks, October 13, 2012
Well, I'm impressed! Way to go for solar industry. smilies/wink.gif I believe that we can get more benefits from this.
written by haney @ Solar Power Backpacks, October 15, 2012
Installing solar power in Denmark is going faster than planned, and the country has already reached its goal.
Update on Denmark's Ban of New Internal Combustion Cars
written by Carol S., October 17, 2012
Hi, thanks for this article showing where Denmark is taking the it's cool levitra pill lead on solar energy. Sorry to put in a comment that's off the topic, but I will ask Philip to give us an update on Denmark's proposed ban on imports of new cars with solely internal combustion engines after 2015. Is this ban going ahead, or has the government changed its mind? I will attempt to find the link to the original article.
written by Carol S., October 17, 2012
Hi, Philip, here's a link that confirms Denmark's "Green Car Campaign". I will find others if you want to put them on dosage viagra here in an article.
written by Responder, October 18, 2012
"written by mike, October 11, 2012
Is it possible to upgrade panels when more efficient ones get developed?"

Yes you can add more solar panels using micro-inverters, one for each panel. In 5 years time it is like that some manufacturer add a micro-inverter already at the factory and thus you do not need a central inverter and each panel can be of order cialis online order cialis a different size, make, model, etc without negatively impacting performance. At present micro-inverter technology is buy cialis online canada more expensive but that could change just like pocket calculators where expensive when first introduced but are cheap today.
written by shoaib, October 18, 2012
An achievement!! By the way what is the tariff structure offered to roof owners (connected to grid via net metering)?
Mutant For Nuclear Power
written by Nelson Henne, October 18, 2012
I have read most solar cells will not survive a EMP. Does any one know more about this?
written by Best Man, October 20, 2012
This is great and bizarre.

I live in Germany. Denmark is in the north. It is not really that sunny, but they still make money from the sun.

Shame on the rest of the world for not doing the same. It is really crazy that the solar energy is adopted in the north before it is adopted along the Equator.
written by Marija, November 06, 2012
Germany and viagra soft tabs Denmark are leaders in using solar energy in Europe.It will be more than good if other countries follow their path.
Too successful => Too expensive => Reduced subsidies
written by mchlbk, November 14, 2012
Unfortunately the Danish government has decided (or is in the process of deciding) to change the rules for private solar cell installation.

The new rules will be less lucrative for home owners and it is feared it will put an emideate stop to new installations.
Way to go, Denmark..
written by Richard, December 23, 2012
Denmark and Germany are two countries that will win the race of solar panel installation. Its pity that most of the developed nations are still lagging behind.
written by Green Energy, September 27, 2013
I hope that more and more of countries will follow Denmark in utilization of solar energy and protecting the nature.

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