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OCT 17

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"I think every massive energy consumer, should implement solar heating,..."

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Cheaper New Anti-Reflective Solar Panel Coatings

For efficiency, solar panels need to be as absorbtive as possible of the light that strikes them. Any light that reflects off the panel is not producing energy, so anti-reflective coatings have been studied by researchers trying to boost the viagra online france performance and link for you selling levitra online efficiency of solar panels. Highly efficient coatings have already been available for a number of years, but recent developments have been able to bring the costs down, as well.

The latest coating development from the Australian company Brisbane Materials is able to be applied at room temperatures, rather than needing high temperatures, as other coatings have needed to affix the coating. With this coating, solar panels can have an improvement of about 3% in efficiency. This may be a small increase, but, as we've pointed out before, accumulating small increases in efficiency are how improvements come about.

In addition, the coating can also be combined with anti-soiling coatings, which will help keep the panel cleaner for a longer period of time, which also helps maintain the effectiveness of discount generic viagra usa rx the panel.

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Universal Adaptors
written by David @ Universal Adaptors, October 18, 2012
Light reflection and dust particles are a big problem for solar panels.
Coatings matter on optics
written by John Spade, October 18, 2012
High quality coatings make a huge difference on light transmission. The low temperature application helps in the net energy production of the panel.
diy solar panels
written by McMillan @ Eft Pos, October 25, 2012
I think every massive energy consumer, should implement solar heating, cooling and LED lights. Solar panels for direct air heating can save megawatts every day.

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