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DEC 14

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"how we can solar panel, plz explain, i want install solar panel in hou..."

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Superthin See-through Silicon Solar Cells

thinfilmsiliconObviously, if light is shining through a solar cell, it isn't operating at it's full efficiency, right? Not exactly. If it's efficiency per unit of expensive silicon, absolutely not. Some slim-thinking guys at the Australian National University have created a solar panel that uses extremely thin slices of silicon that are still able to canada cialis levitra convert light into solar energy. These silicon slices have achieved 20% efficiency, which is great as long as the cell is cheap.

The good news is, by using very small amounts of silicon, they've kept the costs of the panels quite low. These thin film silicon cells are different than anything we've seen at EcoGeek and could be extremely promising in household applications such as nearly invisible, but electricity generating, window or roof linings.

Of course, there's no mention of price in their paper, and mass production is likely a long way off. But we're definitely keeping our eyes on these australians and their thin-film silicon technology.

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sun roofs
written by Celia, December 15, 2006
I've been waiting for something like this. I have always liked sunroofs. I always wanted solar panels. Never before have I thought both could share the same square feet. This could be good for greenhouses as well. How exciting!
written by ljkhjkk, December 16, 2006
I want a solar power on my iPod and Laptop and mobile phone. We have them on calculators and watches so why not?

Apple, lead the way. This would save us having to carry a charger everywhere we go.

solar power
written by A V Narayana, April 11, 2007
how we can solar panel, plz explain, i want install solar panel in house and its capasity must be 100 v

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