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Solar Powered Laptop Case

It's hard to get a substantial amount of juice from a case-mounted solar panel. Sewing a photovoltaic panel into your jean jacket will only get you so far. And while portable devices do generally use very little power, no portable solar panel has yet been able to charge a laptop computer.

But that's about to change. Eclipse Solar Gear has created a hard laptop case that can actually charge a laptop! That is, if you've got full sun and a relatively small laptop computer.

The laptop case, which eclipse is cialis vs viagra online readying for the consumer market, can also charge any smaller electronic gadgets. And, on top of being the first of its kind, it's also a pretty good looking product.
Via TreeHugger 
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I wonder
written by Celia, January 11, 2007
I think this is cool. I wonder, however, if it's good for the laptop to sit in full sun like that. Also, this case looks like it would have foam to keep things in place. What would the insides look like?
I wonder, also, if this comes with a shoulder strap.
How the web can save the planet
written by larry, January 16, 2008

great article on how the internet can have drastic environmental effects.

This laptop case, (above) is a fantastic example of human innovation at its best.
how much
written by bob, February 09, 2008
how much does the cholate power lapypopy
The Voltaic generator case is lighter &
written by Graham Morfitt, September 25, 2008
The Generator Case by Voltaic Systems is hitting the market soon, and is made from recycled materials...
In the meantime, lightweight foldable panels connected to the laptop via DC car adaptor (when laptop not in use), or through small buffer battery packs that can drive an AC inverter, are the best way to go. They also let you decide how much power you need to run your laptop for the length of time you will need to work with it. Maybe all you need is your Palm computer. Modern Outpost designs such systems for all sorts of research, parks, & humanitarian aid projects.
written by Rev. Israel Olawole Abisoye, December 11, 2009
We are highly interested in your solar power laptop. We intend to introduce it to Nigerian market. Please can you send a sample to the address below:

Rev. Israel Olawole Abisoye
G.P.O.Box 17532
Ibadan, Nigeria

We are fervently waiting for your earliest response.
Cool Solar Powered laptop
written by Metal Buckles, January 21, 2013
That is so cool. We need a lot more innovations like this for the planet.
Like to sell it
written by Cathie, January 21, 2013
I'd love to sell this laptop in my shop.

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