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Solar Tower Update!

solartowerupdateEnviroMission, the Australian developer hoping to build a power generating 'solar tower' (previously covered on EcoGeek here and here) is now setting up offices in Arizona for development in the Southwest US.

According to Inside Green Tech: "The company is opening a U.S. office in Arizona as a 'base for development in the Southwest' where the company says strong potential has been indicated for the technology after initial industry and government discussions in the region." The company's press release (PDF) indicates that they will be examining the feasability and testing a location midway between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The technology is fascinating. The design for the Australian tower was scaled back from an original proposed height of one kilometer, which would have made it the tallest manmade structure in the world. The height has been decreased in part because of technological improvements which make the project workable with a lower chimney.

We'd love to see a successful implementation of this concept, but the delays and difficulties that have stalled this project are troubling. Perhaps the North American project will fare better than the Australian one has thus far.


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