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FEB 23

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"I just read the think that was posted for the article by David MacKay...."

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Yet Another Solar Gadget Charger

{mosimage}The Freeloader, a nicely sized, unfoldable solar charger, can suck energy from your USB port, or convert it from the sun's rays as needed. The device, when full charged, can signficantly extend the purchasing viagra in the united kingdom life of your gadgets (keeping your iPod bumping for another 18 hours).

While I still like the idea of using my muscles to power my devices more, this is available now, and it'd certainly be a good addition to any EcoGeek's arsenal, but only if you live in the UK.

Buy it at SolarTech Via: TreeHugger

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Slaying the energy vampires!
written by Janis Mara, February 24, 2007
What! This is awesome! I apologize if this has already been discussed in great detail on this blog, but cell phone and electric razor chargers are energy vampires. If left plugged in, they draw current even if they're not charging anything. So it's great to hear about this solar charger.
Disagree about the vampires....
written by Daniel Lunsford, February 28, 2007
I think that's one of the big myths that we "greens" put out there. While they might draw some energy, it isn't noticeable. I'd highly recommend checking out this link... if people know you're misguided they likely won't listen to anything else you have to say. It's important that we represent our position correctly.
Check out this California Energy Commiss
written by Janis Mara, March 01, 2007
Well, why don't we work on this together, my friend? You have referred me to the Web site of David McKay, a professor at Cambridge. In turn, why don't you check out this PDF of a January 2006 report by the online viagra purchasing California Energy Commission and tell me what you think?
Thanks for the help
written by Daniel Lunsford, March 06, 2007
Janis, thanks for your insight... I believe we're both on track with this one. Your position is that electric transformers (AC->DC converters = Battery Chargers) are inefficient and waste needless energy. I agree with your point but think that we can better utilize our time and money by concentrating our efforts in other ways. Let's just pretend that the Cambridge prof is right, and 5 phone chargers and two laptop chargers only consume 1 Watt when in standby mode.

My position is that I'd rather convince my neighbor to change ONE of his incandescent lights to compact flourescent than to have him continually remember to unplug all his chargers. Do you see where I'm going with this? The average person isn't going to cheap levitra from uk change his whole lifestyle for a couple of watts, and that's why I think it's important to focus on the small changes that make a big difference. If they really want to reduce their energy usage, they need to start with the high consumers like lightbulbs and inefficient water heaters, etc... not by unplugging a 1 Watt transformer. The key way you can know if it is dosage levitra utilizing significant energy is to put your hand on it when it is plugged in. Most phone chargers will be room temperature... lightbulbs are always warm-hot. It's these "hot items" that I think we should devote our attention to.

In regards to the article you showed me, I think you're absolutely correct. That report indicates that MANUFACTURERS should work to increase the efficiency and reduce the waste on their transformers. BRAVO! I'm in complete agreement. If they're CREATED smarter, people don't have to worry about unplugging them because they won't use energy if not in use. However, expecting the 300 Million people of the US to daily remember to unplug their chargers simply won't work. But good job on viagra generic usa securing that report... I'm excited to just try! best levitra price hear that we're going to start fixing those blasted black boxes!

California Energy Commission Report
written by Beth, August 06, 2007
I'd love to look at that California Energy Commission report, but the brand name cialis link seems to be missing. Does anyone know where to find the PDF?

laptop battery
written by battery, June 08, 2008
it looks nice.
written by kincuri, July 29, 2008
I just read the think that was posted for the article by David MacKay.

One thing that disturbed me about the article is that it states our power consumption in terms of buy levitra canada Watts. In fact the correct measure is Watt-Hours.

Watts is the rate at which energy is consumed. The measure of energy, the measurement everyone is charged for their electricity is watt-hours (i.e. the energy consumed at a rate of __ watts over an hour).

Therefore we wouldn't be, based on the example, consuming 5000W. That would be 120 kWh, thats massive!

These chargers are often left pluged in 24 hours a day. Considering our home has several laptops, mobile phones and other electrical devices left on stand-by, these start to add up to something noticeable.

By using the free-loader (i have a Solio, very similar) you avoid the need for chargers completely! There is viagra jelly for women no waste heat and there is no charger left in the wall.

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