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Solar + Hydrogen = No Electric Bill

Using solar power to purchasing levitra with next day delivery create hydrogen, Mike Strizki may have found a way to make living as an EcoGeek easier. Residing in central New Jersey, Strizki powers his hydrogen car and purchase generic viagra house (with big-screen TV and hot tub) all for the price of only for you viagra cost $0.00.

The key to his easy green living is a combination of solar panels, an electrolyzer, storage tanks and a hydrogen fuel cell. It starts with the solar panels powering the house regularly, while devoting excess electricity to the electrolyzer. The electrolyzer breaks down a tank of water into oxygen and hydrogen base parts, releasing the oxygen into the air and storing the generic cialis canada hydrogen in propane tanks and a fuel cell. The stored hydrogen provides secondary power when solar energy dwindles and also fills up Strizki's hydrogen car.

Now when we say that his electricity is free, we mean that it cost a half million dollars, so it's easy to see why the setup isn't widely adopted. However he is cheapest 100 viagra uk hopeful, "It's the way that makes the most sense, and we have to start somewhere. If you look at it, no one has said what I'm doing doesn't work."

Strizki hopes to see the cost of a renewable hydrogen system drop to canadian pharmacy shop around $50,000, plus the cost of solar panels.

Regardless of cost, setting an example and showing what is possible is important. I can think of a couple of better ways to spend a half million dollars, but this is pretty awesome.

Via Engadget

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