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Al Finally Gets his Panels

After months of waiting, Al Gore will have the opportunity to generic viagra online paypal install solar panels on the roof of his multi-million dollar home in Belle Meade, Tennessee after April 1st. Outdated zoning issues have prevented the cialis alternative former Vice-President and star of An Inconvenient Truth from mounting "power generating equipment" above ground level, and he will still be limited to a small portion of roof not visible to neighbors or from the street once the new zoning laws go into effect. Gore has come under attack in the past for owning a home that consumes "too much electricity", though he purchases alternative energy credits to offset the energy he and his family use.

While this could hardly be described as a landmark case, it is good to see a politician practicing what he preaches, and heartening to know that the richest neighborhoods in the world are warming up to the idea of solar power. It's also nice to canadian pharmacy know that being an EcoGeek and a millionaire aren't mutually exclusive... I've had my eye on that Tesla Roadster for a while now!

via Wired News

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