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MAR 30

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"Zomeworks has been making passive solar tracker for entire arrays for ..."

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Motorless Solar Tracker

Solar panels are an area of only best offers buy generic cialis cheap technology where EcoGeeks are always excited to find new developments. Photovoltaic panels are being installed in more and more places, and people are looking for ways to improve the performace of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in all kinds of ways. While there are some technologies that seek to best price generic cialis improve on the look there 50 mg levitra basic flat panel with concentrating mirrors or spherical collectors that are more efficient than flat panels when the sun is at an angle, tracking the sun to keep the panel perpindicular to the solar rays is still one of the best ways to improve the output of a solar PV panel. But the way to do this has generally been with expensive, motor-driven equipment.

The Portasol Tracker system is motorless and uses no electricity. Instead, it uses a hydraulic system powered by the sun heating a fluid to create the pressure to drive the tracker. It is ideal for small installations, where spare current to run a tracking motor is a serious drawback.

"The device works by absorbing heat from a combination of increasing ambient air temperature and direct solar radiation to provide an expansion of a liquid at a controlled rate. Increasing hydraulic pressure drives the mechanism until sundown when the liquid cools and contracts allowing gravity and a small spring bias to female viagra online return the where can i buy cialis array to the morning position."

There are several different versions, including a two-axis system that will also adjust to solar altitude according to the season. According to a company contact, the system will function in cold weather and in conditions of as much as 60 to 70 percent overcast.

The inventor is online pharmacies appearing on an Australian reality TV show for inventors. There are other eco-friendly projects there as well, including several projects dealing with water purification in various forms. Check the sidebar list of related inventions in the category 'Ecological.' This is an Australian product, and may not have North American distribution yet. But if this works as well as the developers claim, it's likely to be useful for many small solar applications, and we expect they'll start supplying them to the northern hemisphere soon.

via: o2 network mailing list site: Portasol Trackers

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written by monotonehell, April 02, 2007
"The inventor is appearing on an Australian reality TV show for inventors."

Did appear, last week. I object to fda approves viagra The Inventors being referred to as a "reality TV show". It's been an Australian institution since the 1970s (60s?) and pre-dates the whole Reality TV concept by decades. To slap it in the "reality TV category cheapens its seriousness considerably. ;)
written by Sharky, March 14, 2008
I would like to either purchase a unit for our Mission in Costa Rica. Is that possible?
2 axis Solar tracker
written by John, September 04, 2008
how to track a sun with two axis solar tracker?
written by charlie, July 07, 2009
Are these available for sale?
written by Victor Victor, September 12, 2009
I have tried 3 times to contact Portasol from their website pages. No response. Has anyone got a response from them? I am in the USA.

Further, website says to download an order form. There is no form to download that I can find. Anyone find one?

Still further, is there anyone who has an operating Portasol Tracker so that I can verify with a current owner that the product performs as advertised? For example: how does the unit perform on a day when the temperature starts high and goes down. Please answer via email. Thanks.

written by sadoche, January 09, 2010
Zomeworks has been making passive solar tracker for entire arrays for over 20 years. I saw one in action just a couple weeks ago. Aside from the fact that these are for single panels in what way is this new?

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