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MAR 30

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"Solar DS's are sweet but i'm woundering how much they are?..."

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Solar Nintendo DS!

From the same people who brought you the carbon-neutral, solar Wii, we now have a solar Nintendo DS. Because portable devices are designed to where to purchase cialis consume so little power, this guy can actually run indefinitely on a sunny day! While the 30 watt Wii had to charge it's battery with a big panel for a few hours, this DS's tiny panels can keep it running as long as the canada levitra no prescription sun shines bright.

If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can do get levitra online with paypal it yourself, check out Tom's Hardware for more.

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written by Billy Shih, March 31, 2007
That should be commercialized, I'd totally buy that ;)
written by Tobias, March 31, 2007
those are probably high-end solar panels, thus very expensive. I was thinking about buying a usb-solar-charger on ebay to charge my Zune (hd-mp3player), something like this one:

does anybody here have any experience with those?

written by Solar, June 14, 2007
This is the sort of thing we need stocked in a wide variety of stores. With new electrical equipment manufactured each day, we need a way to reduce the effect on the environment.
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written by Weasel, July 22, 2007
They sell this solar battery charger at Harbor Freight Tools, which contains multiple solar cells. If you open one up and wire the cells in parallel, you can decrease the output to 5~6 volts, while simultaneously increasing the current. I had two of these wired in series, and the generic propecia online pharmacy crazy thing developed 27.5 volts in direct sunlight!!

Easy and cheap (URL)
written by Weasel, July 22, 2007
The comment widget ate my HTML tags, so here's the link to the item again (copy/paste it):

written by chat, November 03, 2007
very good article thank you

written by McKenzie, April 30, 2008
Does it charge it or is it just another power source?
written by Michaela, May 27, 2009
Solar DS's are sweet but i'm woundering how much they are?

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