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"I thought the buying viagra without a prescription article about sea sponges is incredible. Any way we can..."

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Sea Sponges Inspire Solar Cells

There are two ways to turn aqueous silicon into silicon crystals. First, build a multi-million dollar factory that consumes millions of enter site cheapest levitra uk gallons of water and several megawatts per day. Or, second, feed it to buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets a sponge.

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara are imitating the techniques of marine sponges that naturally extract silicon from seawater to create their signature spiked bodies.

Currently the production of solar cells requires “high temperature and very low pressure, making it an expensive and energy-intensive process.” Nature trumps technology through the sea sponge use of an enzyme called silicatein to convert silicic acid found in seawater into silica spikes, all without high temperature or low pressure. While still at early stages, they have already imitated this process using zinc oxide to create solar cell semiconductors.

A low-cost alternative to current processes should forward the expansion of solar energy. Cheap EcoGeeks need their fix too!

Source: New Scientist

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Again nature wins
written by fsdfdsf, April 12, 2007
The problem here is most people think they can outsmart nature, then nature bites back.


Work with nature and it works with you.

Work against nature and well, your on your own and will suffer its wrath.
written by Billy, April 12, 2007
Nature can write a mean letter too.
Sea Sponges
written by bulsara, February 28, 2008
I thought the article about sea sponges is incredible. Any way we can go about it as a home industry? Where would I find someone to help out please?

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