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Solar Sky Scraper: Over 7000 Panels

What do you do when your skyscraper's million dollar facade starts to flake off and generic cialis in india bonk pedestrians on the head? OOO OOO, I know what and EcoGeek would do!

Buy 10 million dollars of solar panels and cover the building with them! They're just as pretty as any facade, and produce hundreds of kilowatts of power for use in the building. In concert with 24 roof-mounted wind turbines, 10% of the CIS tower in Manchester will be powered by building-bound renewable energy. While that might not seem like much, it is a very big building. Only the building's service tower (shown) will be covered with panels. The attached office building (which gets to have windows instead of solar panels) is much larger.

The Solar Sky Scraper, owned by the CIS insurance group, is the largest UK skyscraper outside of we use it buy cheap generic cialis London and, when the project is complete (very shortly) it will be the largest solar installation in all of the United Kingdom!

There was some question as to whether the solar panels will be much use in foggy manchester, but the panels aren't designed to be tilted perpendicular to the suns rays at all times. The panels will operate at sub-par efficiencies, but will still produce a substantial amount of power even on the cloudiest of days.

As for the cost, it's likely that the drugstore levitra in india tower won't ever recoup the cost of the project, but it's all part of the U.K.'s plan to reduce their carbon output by 60% before the year 2050.

And the tower's power output? Their website proclaims that the tower produces "enough energy to make 9,000,000 cups of tea." Oh you classy Brits. For us ecogeeks, think more of discount viagra pharmacy "enough power to run 1000 PCs."

Via Metaefficient

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written by Christa, April 21, 2007
cool! I hope more corporations will follow their lead :)
Not good enough...
written by fsdfds, April 21, 2007
only 4898 of these modules are "live" the others are "dummy modules"

Cheap gits.
written by Tobias, April 21, 2007
are there still people working in that building? wouldn't they like need tons of electricity to lighten up the place? and wouldn't that like undo all the work of the solar panels?
written by John, April 21, 2007
Sorry, covering the whole building with solar panels and getting 24 wind turbines will provide them with TEN PER CENT of their energy? That's pathetic! And how long before they recoup their investment at that rate? Assuming they do, that is - presumably the buy generic levitra from india panels have a limited working life.

And before someone says "It's not about the money" my point is that there's not much incentive for companies to do this if they're making a loss.

And where are the windows?
written by allan, April 21, 2007
you should read properly @working. all the panels are on the service tower
@ allan
written by Tobias, April 21, 2007
my bad, didn't read the free trial of viagra entire site of CIS. and 10%^is indeed a bit pathetic.
it would be a tax write off in the state
written by andrew, April 22, 2007
This is brilliant! They get to look green and (if the uk is anything like the usa ) get a major tax write off- enough to recover a large sum of the loss! Plus the advertising they receive more then paid for its self. Very sharp mates, very sharp.

Don't fool yourselves, insurance is the wealthiest industry in the world- bar none.

written by Hannah S., April 22, 2007
Yay Hank, your website was featured on the front page of Reddit!
It's a start
written by KC, April 22, 2007
If that many solar panels only power 10% of the building, it just shows how much power we consume everyday. The building might not be able to ever recoup its cost, but it's a start towards a greener environment. 10% over the years will add up. You've gotta start somewhere, instead of just bitching about it. ^
it is a start, but
written by JT, April 22, 2007
solar panels take more energy to make than they will ever generate.
Lets do it.
written by used car parts guy, April 22, 2007
Love to see the day when we can run a car from solor power
written by JayF, April 22, 2007
It's not the whole installation that provides 10%. The 24 turbines produce that 10% on their own while the panels produce considerably more.
Besides, Manchester isn't exactly the sunniest place on Earth.
easy solution
written by watch live tv, April 22, 2007
why not find a way to make the solar panels see through or transparent one way (like those mirrors they use in police interrogation rooms)..then put them on the building instead of windows - solar energy for the building, but still maintaining a window for the employees!
written by paul, April 22, 2007
never going to work mate, due to the nature of silicone
Map of tramadol 377 from canadian pharmacy Tower
written by Bob, April 22, 2007
Here's a map:
Map as a link
written by Bob, April 22, 2007
Linked Map
president, convoy containers , canton, o
written by phil dannemiller, April 22, 2007
I believe solar collectors are made from silicon , not silicone . I am quite sure the two are two different materials.

Interestingly, someone has already made skylights that are solar collectors. I saw them last fall at the solar conference in Silicon [ not silicone ] Valley . I don't recall the company name but i am sure i could find the literature if it was important .

If they can make skylights, i am sure they will be able to make solar windows.

Current solar collectors are in the neighborhood of 15% efficient , with lab versions at the approx 30% level.Experimental materials [ non silicon ] are at 45% efficiency .

When these materials get to the market, the cost will come down radically [ like big screen tv's which came down 80+ % in a six year time period .]

At that point, the paybacks will improve phenominally
and solar will " go thru the roof' ] - pun intended

solar panel have a 25 year life span, with very little loss of efficiency over that time period

total is 10%
written by jkfan87, April 23, 2007
Sorry, JayF, but it is BOTH the turbines and the solar panels that produce the 10%. The article clearly states this. (In concert with 24 roof-mounted wind turbines, 10% of the CIS tower in Manchester will be powered by building-bound renewable energy."

Of course, how about how much productivity drops due to employees working in a windowless dungeon all day? This DOES affect their work. And if it is true that only some of the panels are real, that makes it even more ridiculous. They could have added windows instead of hte dummy panels.
written by Amanda, April 23, 2007
Hey Hank, I emailed you the other day but hadn't gotten a reply and generic viagra on line was wondering if you got it? Lemme know!
written by Leanne, April 23, 2007
I think it's great that a big Co. like CIS is doing something positive to help combat climate change. More Co.s should follow their lead.

All those of you wasting your time slating it should instead spend more time looking at more positive ways in which we can encourage other major Co.s to do more.

written by yuzle, April 23, 2007
The building is an access building, there aren't any offices in it.
written by SeliM < Aşkına_İsyankâR>********, April 25, 2007
Valla süper 1 fikir, o kadar iyi ki, çok faideli 1 fikir. Neyse, çevreci bir düşünce+ ekonomiyede katkı sağlar.
Whats the the best choice buy cialis now point
written by Carola, April 25, 2007
Solar pannels are very inefficient, not only will they not cover their inital cost of putting in the plates but also the reduction in carbon foot print isnt the whole story. what about the energy using in the production of the panels and the cost in shipping them probably all the way from china. there are far better ways to become "green".
About CIS...
written by David Litchfield, April 25, 2007
In thinking about this project it is useful to know that CIS (Co-operative Insurance Society) is part of the CWS Group (Co-operative Wholesale Society), which is the world's biggest co-operative, owned by its members. CWS Group is far and away the UK's biggest 'ethical' trading organisation, hence its commitment to green issues.
a good start
written by Col, April 25, 2007
this is a good start surely. Better than nothing?
written by James, April 25, 2007

CIS is part of the Co-operative group the Uk's largest co-op. They are not a corperation and thus do not get the incentives that large plc's do nor do they make the profits as hinted. Although it only provides 10% thats still 10% less from coal burning stations so it should be commended. As they say, if everyone does a bit, together it will make a difference. Just for information, the co-op were the first supermarket to introduce 100% biodegradable carrier bags, all of their pacakaging is recyclable and they are the uk's largest fairtrade supporter.

Its only natural that they are taking this stand, as an ethical retailer it is their duty.
written by reillst, April 25, 2007
Tobias - do try to communicate without putting in the unnessary word "like" in the middle of sentences. I'm sure it would save energy.
Read the Article!
written by Ste, April 25, 2007
To all the dummies who are strongly opinionated yet wrong! The building is a service tower and there are NO people in the part of the building where the panels are. Think about it if every body on earth reduced carbon emisions by 10% what an effect that would have, i would be huge. Although i'm not sure if the worlds climate change is actually due to the human effect, we dont actually have solid evidance and were all brain washed by the media. But good PR stunt by the CO-OP!
written by Alex Dean, April 25, 2007
god i hate all this going green nonsense. someone put in their comments cant wait for a solar powered car! i'll stop driving the day they make people do that. its pointless all this nonsense. a bit here or there isn't going to do anything the damage has already been done. so why don't people just chill out, drive petrol cars and do what they want. i won't be around to see anything dramtic change so hey-ho.
hold up
written by Fionn, April 25, 2007
insurance the wealthiest industry bar none... are you joking?!!

did you consider arms? or oil?

no of viagra non prescription course you didnt you silly breh!
@ Alex Dean
written by Alun, April 25, 2007
I'm sorry do you ACTUALLY believe that you wont see any changes? It's already started, we're getting longer, dryer summers and online viagra in australia milder winters, with water shortages every single year. Its selfish, wreckless attitudes like yours that have got us here in the first place. We've known about global warming for a long time, but people have always said "it wont be as bad as all that, and even if it is I wont be around to see it". Well now it is here, so what are you going to do when you finally see whats punching you in the face and you cant use that ridiculous excuse? At least you were right aboout something, it has gone too far already. But its never too late to turn it around, minimise the damage. Judging by this article not everyone is as brainless as you and are actuallr trying to sort it out.
Alex Dean
written by lou, April 25, 2007
What a stupid way of looking at things, hope you don't have kids.
written by Alun, April 26, 2007
Nice counter-argument, really added something. No I dont, so what? If I did I wouldnt want them to have to pay because I screwed up the planet
written by Alun, April 26, 2007
sorry, I thought that was his reply, realised my mistake now
I like it
written by flew, April 26, 2007
Well this all good, I mean anyone that can save power and use renewable sources is moving in the right direction
scared now
written by annie, April 26, 2007
I recycle, car share, walk whenever I can rather than use the car, use nonrenewable power sources conscientiously, hell, I even knit new jumpers from old. Are people saying that all my efforts are wated and that I'm gonna drown anyway. Has all these nights of sitting in the dark and days spent handwashing rather than using the viagra paypal machine been in vain?
written by Senex, April 27, 2007
I dropped my Cheetos and now the dog is going to town...
here comes dog number two, oh well.
written by Motorcycle Guy, April 29, 2007
I'm not sure skyscrapers were ever concerned with efficiencies. I think a lot of time they are all about making a symbol for the company or just to show off. I think this is a good move in that light.
More energy instead of glas
written by brainrain, May 03, 2007
Now actually, they wanted to renew the outside of that building. envesting money in glas is not as profitable as in solar energy.
So i think the thing here is to keep the whole costs down and to have a marketing effect by the way.
looking for some info
written by Natee, May 11, 2007
is putting solar panels on a house financially worth it, i need real facts not just opinions. the only way to truly convince the world to use solar energy is if it costs less than energy obtained through fossil fuels.
The one language everyone speaks is money
written by bob, May 16, 2007
It isn't the tallest building in the UK outside London. There is at least one taller. :(
Excellent. Let's do even more
written by OurEcoHouse, May 17, 2007
This is a great news. Hope that more buildings will be upgraded that way.
written by Melf, June 25, 2007
Yeah, you really helped there. Thanks mate.

You know, I live in Manchester and had no idea that this was going on. I'm actually quite glad they're not promoting it too much because I hate it when the whole green thing turns into a competition between companies. I think this is a great start.
Solar power
written by Concert, December 02, 2007
I too hated it when multinationals get involved in this sort of things, still, this might be the only chance to promote the green technologies
Don't mistake going solar for going gree
written by Deep Patel, January 22, 2008
In general there is now a movment to be more enviromentally friendly, and solar and othe renewable energy power generation has been also riding this wave. Although clean energy power generation does alot more than clean up our air, it helps mitigate the the best choice levitra 20 phyton like hold energy has on the worlds markets. The oil industry is an a controlled industry and the people at the top are very powerful and can make things happen, because the one who controls energy controls the world. With renewable energy, we bring power to the people so we dont have to worry about these evil oil companies looking to harm the average citizen because we cant live without their product.

-Deep Patel
Breakthrough: MIT researchers turn windo
written by DAY, July 11, 2008
written by alex, September 27, 2008
im from manchester and i cant w8 for the new buildings, i can see the beetham tower from milesa away, and now picadilly tower will b like 2wice the size :)
Solar Energy
written by James Hammond, November 11, 2008
Reading the comments underneath the article it is apparent that no matter what action an organisation takes, it will never make everyone happy.

Solar Power will save money and reduce carbon output, especially when compared with standard electricity.

My organisation is looking at a way of giving the generic price viagra panels away for free and levitra free samples fitting them and just receiving a yearly payment in the form of a contract. If it wasn't financially viable we would have scrapped this idea as soon as it was initially looked at.

Another point is that in order to become more energy efficient it may not always be the cheapest option........but what is the priority, cheapness and energy efficiency are not always going to go hand in hand....after all the early adopters pay for new technology in every single product.
written by ldjkflaskdjflksadjflk, January 06, 2009
Dumb people just drive gas cars.
Data Questions
written by Lee, June 09, 2009
Who can tell some data of it? Energy consumptiom per year, PV-generation efficiency, cost of PV, etc?

Thanks a lot!
Back to the 1930's
written by Uncle B, September 23, 2009
The Skyscraper - not new technology at all! The centrally located workforce without dorms, a folly of greedy realtor's of old! The whole concept , impractical, inhumane, non-cost effective, and no consideration for modern computer/communication technologies! We need to rid ourselves of this pox on our environment altogether, not coat them in solar cells and play propagandist to the proletariat! This is Bull Shiite! European, limited space thinking from historical problems there! Not the new thinking electronics technology inclusive north American way!
written by Jone Smith, December 21, 2009
Ugly as hell!
written by fe energy, January 04, 2010
hey 10% is 1 year of power 100% over course of 10 years smilies/smiley.gif... like a 10% discount on your electric bill... none of us would complain about that
pay-off loans for solalr panels than an electrical bill
written by linda, January 09, 2010
In my country electricity bill costs you an arm and a leg. More power plants are built to supply new developments and neighbouring countries. If i where to buy solar panels to power my house via a bank loan with good interest i`d be done paying for it in less than 8 years. My company Powered Up believes that the same electrical bill payment can pay off the solar panel in less than 20 yrs of their lifespan. It`s just the accounting that needs to be put to the equation, the technology is here.
Good for them!
written by Science Project, January 12, 2010
I'm doing a science project on this, so I was pleasantly surprised when this popped up.
Badass MC
written by Brian King, December 09, 2011
Why not have multiple small convex lenses as windows to spread the light more efficiently.
Consider this...
written by JPizzle, February 06, 2013
You people need to stop saying that it will "take too long" to gain back the cost of that investment at only a 10% coverage of electricity. The point of solar power is not to have a cheap, easy, and immediate solution. Even if it takes 30 years to gain back the cost of investment, think of how long a building like that would be around. Install the panels, and 30 years down the viagra online sale road, they will have made up their cost. People need to stop looking at renewable energy solutions as an immediate fix for all of our problems. It will take time. If we try to rush it, and refuse to do anything that isn't an instant fix, then we will never gain any headway. We will just be stuck in our corporate slump, refusing to contribute anything if it doesn't benefit us right away.

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