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Solar Rolls: For the Rugged EcoGeek

For the hardcore EcoGeek, who needs a rugged, zero-emissions method of charging a plethora of devices on online levitra tablet long-term wilderness excursions...we have a the all-weather solar roll.

The solar rolls come with a plethora of plugs and can be linked for a power boost. It looks like, in full sun, you can charge a laptop off of one of buy discount cialis online these babies and it rolls up to considerably less than the size of a thermarest.

Of course, it'll also cost you considerably more, $399 at Amazon.

Via Metaefficient

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written by vigilant20, April 27, 2007
I'm sure it would work well somewhere like Arizona, but sunlight isn't really the norm here in Wisconsin. Darn AZ geeks hoggin all the light.
written by Captain Bob, May 08, 2007
:( What is a plethora? Is it something that one aspires for or earnestly or is it simply an unimportant pot hole in the road that we like to call life?
written by Raphael, May 24, 2008
It's 'lots'. ;)

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