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MAY 02

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"this is very cool... I know someone who'd probably love one...."

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The Portable Light Bag

By mixing thin-film solar cells, a lithium ion battery, some high-brightness LEDs and a switch from a washing machine, some clever folks have developed a solar powered bag that can produce enough light to read by 365 days a year without any external power source.

The "Portable Light Project" has created the devices and incorporated them into nomadic cultures in Australia and Mexico. The devices can provide ten hours of reading light after being exposed to three hours of direct sunlight. The bags have a lifespan of about three years, after which the battery needs replacing.

I'll tell you the truth, I might not be a member of a nomadic tribe, but I might try it out to get a look at one of these lightbags.

Via Discovery News
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written by Dave, May 04, 2007
this is very cool... I know someone who'd probably love one.

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