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MAY 14

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"Great decision. They get plenty of positive press, save the environmen..."

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Kohl's Solar Bigger than Google's, WalMart's

We recently wrote about WalMart's huge pilot solar project. And while it's still a great start, we're excited to note that Kohl's department store is already trumping WalMart's project by turning almost all of its California stores into solar installations.

The Kohl's project will be the cialis mexico largest single purchase of solar panels ever in North America and it will produce over 35 million kW/h of power per year. While WalMart has a lot more roof space to eventually expand onto, Kohl's is showing true forethought here by installing panels on a large percentage of its stores.

SunEdison will actually be paying for the panels, and then selling the electricity that comes off them to Kohl's. One of the biggest problems with solar is that the upfront cost is huge, while the fuel (sunlight) is free. SunEdison's innovative financing has allowed them to bear the burden of cialis samples the upfront costs, while eventually making quite a bit of cash over the only today best prices for cialis lifetime of the panel.

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small typo here
written by Hun Boon, May 15, 2007
"bare the burden of the upfront costs"

It should be "bear" instead. :)
Take the cost factor out and you have So
written by 2Renu, May 16, 2007
We are all overlooking an important issue here, what can we do as individuals to have an effect on the global energy problem we face today. The answer is Make Solar Power Affordable to the masses. Alternative energy is moving in the right direction to meet the demand but, what effect will it have on homeowners who can not afford it. I recently ran across a company that has removed the cialis doses tradition cost to Solar Power. They do it with a rental agreement and with an electric rate locked in at or below what you are paying to your electric provider now. They provide a worryfree system, they install it, and maintain it without any addition fee. Imagine every home producing their own electric Solar power on their roofs without going broke. Now the average homeowner in America can take the power back and take action as a collective force with solar power. Think of it, all the energy savings that it would have all across this country not to include the money saved for the homeowner.
written by George, May 12, 2008
Great decision. They get plenty of positive press, save the environment, get tax incentives, and save money on link for you levitra professional 100 mg energy costs all at the same time!
Here is a great resource for anyone interested in doing the same to their home:

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