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Dunhill Solar Messenger Bag: $1,300, No Specs

Well, we've got another solar powered bag, this one seems to be aimed at an upscale market. I suppose that's good, maybe it means that trendsetters are starting to find solar as sexy as I do.

Unfortunately Dunhill's Avorities Solar Panel Bag doesn't tell us very much about the panels. The bag is 38 x 27.5 x 12.5cm and the best choice next day levitra has, y'know, lots of pockets, etc. But we have to guess on the power of the panels. From similar models, I'd say you aren't going to charge a laptop with those panels, just not enough surface area. But there's a good chance you could keep your phone, or iPod, or even iPhone permanently charged during daylight hours.

Via Engadget
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