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JUN 07

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"I believe using these solar panel greatly saves the electrical energy ..."

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Solar Power Getting 40% Cheaper by 2010

The all-knowing (or at least oft-correct) Worldwatch Institute has just released a report saying that they expect the cost of solar panels to drop 40% in the next few years. The recent explosive growth in the solar power industry has caused a world-wide shortage of silicon that will soon be ending.

Silicon manufacturers are currently strugling to keep up with demand, but high prices means that new silicon manufacturing plants are being built all over the world at break-neck pace. This is and isn't a good thing. We should all be hoping for some simple-to-manufacture silicon alternative because silicon is somewhat environmentally costly to produce. But not as environmentally costly as more coal-fired power plants.

But, in short, there will soon be a world-wide surplus of silicon, driving raw material prices for solar way way down, up to 40% in just three years. Worldwatch estimates that the threat to traditional utilities by solar will be signficant by 2010, and they will be either looking to get in on the canadian pharmacy levitra generic game themselves or muscle solar out through some dirty underhanded tactics.

But for the average EcoGeek, this is viagra cialis 69.00 pretty exciting. By 2010, you might have an inexpensive solar roof charging your sleek and stylish Chevy Volt plug-in.

Via TreeHugger and Worldwatch
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written by Alan Parekh, June 08, 2007
I can't wait until they are cheap enough that new houses all have them. The energy savings would be great!
written by Enrique, June 08, 2007
I love your blog. It keeps up to date with all the new alternatives energy programs.
Our own municipal electrict company is partnering with another company to built a coal plant.
With this news,Solar is competitive with coal energy.

Can you add an icon where we can send the article to another user?
written by Garrett, June 08, 2007
Right now, it costs a pretty good chunk of change to have solar panels installed on your house. Most people have to take out an equity line of generic cialis in canada credit just to pay for it. As prices drop, homebuilders will be able to recommended site online cialis uk integrate solar panels into the houses they build for a fraction of the total housing cost. Or even throw them in for free as an incentive to sell a house. Instead of costing $30,000 to install, maybe it costs $4,000 or $5,000.
Low Tech
written by Dave Smith, June 08, 2007
It amazes me how little mention there usually is of low tech solar. Heating water using the sun has been economical forever, and results in major cost/energy savings. Why do so many people skip past this logical option to a high-tech, low efficiency panel?
How many homes are getting solar panels and wind energy before getting a rain barrel?
written by Enrique, June 08, 2007
Hi Dave:

I have been looking at those water solar tanks. They are about $6,000.
written by Rhapsodyinglue, June 09, 2007
Unfortunately, a drop of 40% in panel prices will mean a far less substantial drop in installed prices, given that panel price makes up only about half of the total price. During the cialis without prescription online past few years, panel prices have dropped, but due to a shortage of installers, the installed system prices have not really come down. Historical pricing data can be found at

Hopefully as panel prices come down, systems will become more common on new homes, where the installation cost would not be nearly as high.
written by David Smith, June 10, 2007
Thanks for the reply Enrique.

If a solar heating tank is $6000 it is either not "low tech" or it is very over-priced.
Last summer I used a $10CDN solar heating bag for all of my showers for the entire summer.
Tomorrow I plan on constructing a more permanent roof mounted unit using copper pipes and a few scavenged materials. I expect the project to come in at under $50CDN and a day of viagra soft gel fun construction for me and a couple friends.
I've seen a few heaters like this that work quite well and provide enough hot water for 10+ people.
The rain barrel that I currently own cost $65 and already provides enough water for all my outdoor water use, and I expect it to have enough for my showers afterwards as well.
I'll let you know how it turns out.
If you have any questions, or want specifics on how the solar heater works or how to build it, I'd be more than happy to cialis online without prescription share.
I highly recommend the book "The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy" by Darryl McMahon. It talks a lot about simple saving methods, emphasising efficiency.
Just wondering
written by Amerin Tasx, June 13, 2007
The pic you have on this article shows a shingle installed look to the soloar panels.
Where is is from, IE what company sells, or offers them as a product.
A basic question..
written by Hun Boon, June 29, 2007
I'm sorry if it sounds ignorant, but does temperature matter in solar panels? Or is the electricity generated purely by light? Thanks!
written by NIRAS NOBEL, March 11, 2008
does solar plant harm sun ,earth or any other?
Heating water using the sun has ...
written by club penguin, May 20, 2009
Heating water using the sun has been economical forever, and results in major cost/energy savings. Why do so many people skip past this logical option to a high-tech, low efficiency panel?
written by skin tags, January 11, 2011
I believe using these solar panel greatly saves the electrical energy but the only problem is price of cialis in canada if they can afford a single panel. I'm kinda confused it has to be that expensive if it can be a good way of producing energy. I hope the government will find a way to produce a cheaper one.

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