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JUL 13

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"A little unbelievable that one day we will get all the necessary energ..."

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Awesome Video of Solar Printing Press in Action

I seriously suggest taking a couple of minutes out of your busy day to watch this brief video on Nanosolar's thin film printable solar technology.

Nanosolar is already in the progress of building the largest solar power manufacturing plant in the U.S. and they expect their panels to levitra online 50mg roll onto roofs and deliver power at 1/3 the cost of today's solar panels starting next year. The technology is extremely exciting, and it's really great to see their technology in action.

See a larger version here, and for more info on Nanosolar check out our previous coverage of the Solar Panel Printing

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written by Tobias, July 14, 2007
ugh, I'm a real nerd. Stuff like this gets me so excited!!
written by Brian 5239, July 14, 2007
The world will not be powered by coal, hydrogen, biofuels, nuclear, or any other form of wasteful productions; we will be powered by that thing in the sky smiling at us since birth. This is truly incredible technology!
written by Brian Green, July 14, 2007
I would have never guessed that solar panels could be printed! I think it's such a great thing if it ends up being durable enough to last at least a decade without needing to be replaced. I'd love to see tax breaks go to houses that do their entire roofs with this stuff! I suppose they could exempt the north facing side of the roof because it wouldn't get much direct light, but this video said that this stuff absorbs it far better that silicon-based panels do, so perhaps even the north side of the roof could produce quantifiable energy that exceeds purchase and installation costs.

Doesn't help people in high-rise buildings much though.
Nanosolar and thin film Photostuff
written by Kyllein MacKellerann, July 14, 2007
We're missing the obtain viagra without prescription bit that with these thin films that are lightweight and self supporting, virtually anyplace could be a Solar Generator; not just buildings but:
Bus Stop Kiosks...Street signs... any surface that is angled to levitra online us pharmacy catch the sun...Emergency Phones...anything that today takes power from a grid or generator could become independant.
Depending on the efficiency (light to power ratio) these could cover anything and add electricity to the system.
It's not just one big panel, it's lots of enter site viagra price in canada little ones all over the place that will do the job.
Nanosolar loses chief scientist
written by fsdkfjsdjl, July 14, 2007
Is this what it seems?
written by Alasdair, July 15, 2007

I was really excited about this technology until you see what it's made from. I don't know much about the relative toxicity of the metals, I'll leave others to comment. But what I do know is that this technology simply cannot be scaled up in its present form for very long. The reason? The use of incredibly rare metals. New Scientist had an article this month (http://environment.newscientis...audit.html
which was about how we are chewing through the viagra 100mg herbal earth's metal resources at a staggering pace. For example, Indium had 4-13 years left of production from existing reserves depending on demand levels which are skyrocketing as the metal is used in LCD tvs for example. Gallium had no figures. Is this 'solar printing'? Solar energy at the economics of printing? Nonsense. Any one else picked up on any of this?
written by USA homes, October 22, 2007
A little unbelievable that one day we will get all the necessary energy right from the sky. This will cost much less and that can undermine industries working with energy production.

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