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AUG 02

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"In the UK, there are some government schemes on a local council basis ..."

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New Solar Plant to Produce 1 GW / year

Two German firms, Schott Solar and wow)) canada cialis WACKER Chemie AG have just formed a joint venture called Schott and Wacker. And while this is horrible news for me, as that happens to be the name of the professional killer's firm in my latest made-for-tv-movie script, it is great news for everyone else.

The alliance between the solar company and the advanced chemical manufacturing firm is culminating in a $500 million investment in solar manufacturing plants that will be producing roughly 1 gigawatt of capacity every year starting in 2012.

Wacker Chemie, as you might expect, makes polysilicon, which is necessary to create both solar panels and computer chips, and so is in extremely short supply right now. An alliance between a polysilicon maker and a solar power firm is huge news, and will ensure that Schott solar has plenty of capacity to continue supplying Germany's explosion in demand for solar cells.

Now if we could only get some deals of that scale here in the States...

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Why doesn't the US have any of this goin
written by immrlizard, August 03, 2007
Are we too busy invading other countries to do something like this?

I am glad to see some country is smart enough to take advantage of this technology.
written by Hank, August 03, 2007
The biggest factor is that Germany has huge solar, really huge, that make solar almost as cheap as fossil fuel power. It's a drain on their economy, just like iraq war is on ours...

But Germany is now seeing the benefits of their policy, where as the US...well....hrmmm
Germany's subsidies
written by Oliver, August 03, 2007
Well, Germany's Renewable Energy Sources Act gives the consumer the power to choose. When installing solar plants, the excess power is fed into the power grid and you receive a guaranteed/set price for each kWh you feed in. It's an innovative end-user incentive.

Nonetheless, subsidies for coal energy are still astonishingly high, but it's getting lower. Coal energy pushed the economy forward starting way back to shortly after world war II. Hopefully with coal subsidies being phased out, renewables will receive an even stronger foothold and even the canadian pharmacy levitra optimist's CO2 goals will come true: 40% less CO2 by 2020.
just launch new technology to the market
written by Gianfranco Chicco, August 03, 2007
subsidies to buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg alternative sources of energy is not a drain, but an accelerator. one of the biggest criticism I hear about new sources of energy applied to the market (like hydrogen cars) is that they are not as efficient as fossil fuel powered stuff. remember Ford T? was it efficient? In economies where the fossil lobbies are too strong, the state has to give its contribute to push technologies which will create or enrich new industries, which with time will repay the state's investment.
written by Enrique, August 03, 2007
We have already spend $400 billions on Iraq. From everything I have read, If we would just provide solar panels to our buildings, we could installing have 25% of our energy needs met through alternative energy.
Mr Bush wants to takes us back to the Crusades, 1100 A.D.
written by Joel, August 04, 2007
If you want a deal like this to happen in the US, perhaps you should start schmoozing with Texas companies.
Solar Panels
written by Solar Panels, September 06, 2007
In the UK, there are some government schemes on a local council basis which provide homeowners with free solar panel installation, or renewable energy grants to cut the cost of installation.

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