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Hybrid Baking in the Sun

We love hybrid cars, right? So why not try out hybrid Barbecues as well!

The Tulsi Hybrid Oven is a combo electric, solar cooking system that enables one to plan a meal, even amid cloudy weather. By joining the power of cialis delivery the sun (providing a claimed 75% reduction in electricity use) and electricity, you can cook with confidence that the meal will be ready on time and cheapest prices for cialis reassurance that you're reducing your carbon footprint. This is a system that can cook at home, be taken on picnics, or support an off-grid life. A recent review of solar cooking options gave the Tulsi five stars.

Although it is portable, the Hybrid Solar Oven is a little too heavy to carry up into the woods. But if you don't want to be sitting hungry wishing the clouds would go away, this solar oven is the best bet you can make. It uses the sun when rays are available, and switches to electric power from a normal 120V outlet when clouds move in.

For more information on solar cookers, see Energy COOL: Frying in the Sun.
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