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AUG 16

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"this post is really missleading and tramadol cod only doesnt cover the facts >:(..."

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Silicon Nano Crystals Could Triple Solar Efficiency

Solar Power converts photons to electrons. For as long as solar power has existed, I've considered this to be a one to low priced prescription viagra one relationship. A photon hits some sort of electrically unstable substance, and an electron jumps across some sort of barrier creating a current. I've never questioned that this is as good as we can do. One electron, that's just the way it is.

Well not anymore it's not. Apparently some exotic (and expensive and toxic) substances can produce multiple electrons per photon. But that has never been achieved with non-toxic, inexpensive materials, like silicon. Until now. Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (a place where many many more tax dollars should be going) have proven that certain silicon nano-cyrstals can produce two to three electrons per photon of high energy sunlight.

The discover could lead to increasingly inexpensive and efficient silicon solar cells. Senior research fellow Arthur Nozik notes that current silicon cells are theoretically limited to roughly 30% efficiency on their own, and 40% efficiency with concentrating mirrors. This new kind of cell, however, could be easily be 40% efficient on their own and up to 60% efficient with concentrators!

That kind of efficiency is generic levitra online absolutely unheard of in the solar industry!

The nano-crystals could prove much easier to produce than high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels, and they will contain no toxic substances, unlike other materials that have shown these 'multi-electron' properties.

However, this is of best price generic cialis course still in the development stage. While the electrons are being produced, it's turning out to be somewhat difficult to generic cialis site actually extract the buy 5mg cialis online electrons from the nano-crystals. In fact, the extra electrons have yet to be measured as an electrical current, but through more indirect means like spectroscopy. But the researchers are working on several designs for panels that might be able to harvest the electrons. And if they are able, that could be very good news for us all.

Via Technology Review

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written by waste, August 21, 2007 has a nice add, and you are that, an ass.
written by Rick, August 21, 2007
So, 30% more efficiency doesn't mean it triples efficiency.
written by jd, August 30, 2007
thats some funny math you've got there...

Photovoltaic and solar thermal
written by Jim Mixan, September 05, 2007
Everyone talks about being green. Great slogan for politicians, not being dependent on foreign oil. Cook with a solar oven . Check out if you want to cut down on power consumption check this sun oven out. We can afford solutions like this in the USA. In a poor country this might as well be like trying to buy a Rolls Royce on a Model T budget. Look for ways to use solar energy and demonstrate it to others, one on one is the best form of teaching, Education and demonstration of solar technologies will pay dividends in the future, but it has to start now, or it will not be so pleasant for the generations that follow. Be a part of the solutions now or forever hold your piece! Jim the click now cheap levitra online prescription solar oven baker
written by Burnerjack, September 05, 2007
look up Navada Solar One. This IS the future. Its not as sexy as photovoltaics(or as polluting to produce). It is the most cost effective an THAT not some gimmick is what really matters.
What a waste of information
written by Marc, February 09, 2010
this post is really missleading and doesnt cover the facts smilies/angry.gif

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