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AUG 20

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"Get some styrofoam panels form a hardware store or source like the kin..."

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Thin Film Solar Market to top $7 Billion

In the next ten years we can likely expect the thin film solar market to recommended site buy now online cialis explode. The low cost and cheapest generic viagra easy "printable" manufacturing could finally bring the technology out of it's infancy. The first commercial plants are just going online now, but an industry analyst predicts that by 2015, thin film photovoltaics could rise from a 5% market share to a 35% market share while the value of sales would grow 700% to over $7 billion.


The growth is being spurred by a shortage in silicon, which is keeping prices of traditional photovoltaic cells higher. Thin film solar cells, which can be created in a variety of ways, but are not dependent on silicon, are thus comparatively cheap and will remain so until polysilicon becomes cheap again. But even then, the report said, thin film solar would still increase it's market share because its light and flexible, and so can be applied to curved surfaces. Good news for investors, good news for mother earth...good news for us all.

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It's great news...
written by intensive driving, August 21, 2007
but please can we have more - what are the price projections? When is it available? etc...
Purely Business
written by Hank, August 21, 2007
This article was meant to be more about the business. It's a long term projection for investors. Unfortunately, the long term projects are based on link for you viagra in india long term projections about price...which, unfortunately, are long term. Meaning, there's nothing available for astonishingly cheap right now.
written by EV, August 21, 2007
Any news as to if this process reduces the amount of toxic chemicals used in PV production? As I understand it, current traditional PV production is far from green.
Floating solar panels
written by simon, September 02, 2007
I have a project where I would like to float thin film solar panels on water. I have a large area to cover. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
solar floats
written by Cary, September 14, 2007
Get some styrofoam panels form a hardware store or source like the kind used in wall insulation. May want to cut them in half to minimize bending. Link the panels together to form a mat.

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