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AUG 20

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""..... that does have a couple of features that recommend it. " Maybe..."

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And ANOTHER Solar Charger

We're starting to wonder when these things are going to stop being news. But the Boblbee solar iPod charger does have a couple of features that recommend it. Most importantly it is shock proof and good choice canada viagra online water proof, which makes it a lot more convenient for use in the field. For those of us who like to work and play in outdoors, but also don't mind snuggling up to a recent episode of mail order viagra without prescription Heroes in the tent, this gadget becomes pretty attractive.

Also, because the charger has rounded panels, it can keep voltage relatively high throughout the follow link cialis cheap day, no matter where the sun is in the tilting required.

Unfortunately, the device is only available in Japan, and I can't figure out how much they're charging for it.

Via: Good Clean Tech

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written by Whatever, August 22, 2007
"...who like to work and play in outdoors..."

Share your solar success stories.
written by solarguy, September 22, 2007
A new open blog:
written by Jay Tee, May 26, 2008
"..... that does have a couple of features that recommend it. "

Maybe the writer was on drugs or something.

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