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Wireless Company Promotes Solar Charger with Cell Phones

Working Assets is a telecom company actually known for doing good. They donate a portion of profits to buy tramadol saturday delivery lots of progressive causes, including environmental organizations. Its wireless division is now going one step further by being the first mobile operation in the United States to offer a solar powered charger for use with its mobile phones.

Working Assets Wireless said it will begin offering consumers the Solio, a solar powered charger by Better Energy Systems which accepts power from the viagra overnigh sun or a wall socket. This charger is available for free as part of a limited offer and will also be available for sale through Working Assets Wireless with other phones.

The mobile operator plans to donate 1% of a sale to progressive organizations working for environmental protection and other causes. Better Energy Systems will kick in an additional 1% donation for each solar-charger sale as well. Both companies feel purchasing one of these solar powered chargers will help reduce an individual's carbon footprint.

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Well done Working Assets
written by weee recycling, August 30, 2007
They've been doing good stuff for charities in the US for over a decade. Time they thought about invading Europe!
Science Teacher
written by a. woody delauder, August 30, 2007
What about making a solar powered cell phone. There would be no need to have a charger. Or integrate the charger somewhere on the outside of a building or car.
written by Aletha Samano, December 28, 2007
:)I'm really glad you came out for alternative solution for the electric outlet. The sun power is free specially on our side of the world. I live in the Philippines which has a lot of sun
written by Aletha Samano, December 28, 2007
really great alternative solution :D

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