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Solar Power

Solar Power Gets Streamlined Approvals

Installing grid-scale solar power arrays has gotten a bit easier with a new program recently rolled out by the US Department of the Interior to allow simpler, more streamlined process for projects on federal land in six western states.

Locations have been identified for an initial set of 17 Solar Energy Zones (SEZs), totaling about 285,000 acres of public lands, that will serve as priority areas for commercial-scale solar development. These are sites that are suited for solar power development and ordering cialis from canada that have access to existing or planned power transmission lines, allowing for ready integration with the grid.

The sites have been identified by the Department of Energy as having excellent solar access, as well as having "relatively low conflict with biological, cultural and historic resources." This allows a faster approval process for developing these areas with less red tape to lowest price for viagra be dealt with.

image: Public Domain U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Jeremiah Handeland/Wikimedia

via: Department of Interior Press Release


Cheaper New Anti-Reflective Solar Panel Coatings

For efficiency, solar panels need to be as absorbtive as possible of the light that strikes them. Any light that reflects off the panel is not producing energy, so anti-reflective coatings have been studied by researchers trying to boost the performance and efficiency of solar panels. Highly efficient coatings have already been available for a number of viagra for order years, but recent developments have been able to bring the costs down, as well.

The latest coating development from the viagra discounts Australian company Brisbane Materials is able to be applied at room temperatures, rather than needing high temperatures, as other coatings have needed to affix the coating. With this coating, solar panels can have an improvement of about 3% in efficiency. This may be a small increase, but, as we've pointed out before, accumulating small increases in efficiency are how improvements come about.

In addition, the coating can also be combined with anti-soiling coatings, which will help keep the panel cleaner for a longer period of time, which also helps maintain the effectiveness of the panel.

via: Treehugger


Denmark Hits Solar Energy Goal 8 Years Early

Installing solar power in Denmark is going faster than planned, and the country has already reached its goal of 200 megawatts of solar capacity. This amount was the goal that the Danish government had set to reach by 2020.

At present, the country is adding 36 MW of solar panels each month, and industry predictions are that there will be 1000 MW of solar panels (five times the goal) installed by 2020. Denmark has one of the highest levels of viagra online for women renewable power installed as a percentage of total power requirements. The national goals on that front are 35 percent (to be reached by 2020) and 100 percent (to be reached by 2050). More than 20 percent of Danish power is supplied from renewable sources at present.

The Danish energy market makes this an attractive option for homeowners and other building owners. “The demand for solar cells has increased dramatically since net metering was implemented in 2010. Net metering gives private households and public institutions the possibility of ‘storing’ surplus production in the public grid, which makes solar panels considerably more attractive.”

via: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release


Solar Power Program Will Bring Electricity to Remote Villages in India

A new initiative by SunEdison will see the installation of distributed solar power plants around India, bringing electricity to areas that have never had it before. Through the program, called Eradication of Darkness, SunEdison will design, install and manage the solar power systems in remote villages across the country.

According to the United Nations, one in five people in the world do not have electricity and  over 400,000 of these people live in India.  Lack of electricity limits education and economic opportunities and online doctor prescription tramadol makes populations more vulnerable to sickness and famine.

Already the solar company has installed a 14-kilowatt solar energy plant in Meerwada, India that is wow look it rx generic levitra supplying electricity to 400 villagers that were relying on kerosene lamps for light and walking 3 km for drinking water.

The program will be implemented in stages as funding from government grants and private investors and corporations, as well as logistical partners, are acquired. As of now, 29 villages in the Guna District have been identified for the next phase of installations.

An integral part of the program is educating the villages' residents on follow link buying levitra without a prescription solar power and electricity, including safety training,

“As challenging as logistics are in rural electrification, it is important that residents have a voice in the development, deployment and management of a solution,” said Pashupathy Gopalan, Managing Director, South Asia and best canadian pharmacy Sub-Saharan Operations, SunEdison. “We have worked very hard to understand their needs and provide education about the possibilities of electricity. We believe education is one of the most important aspects to ensuring the project’s success.”

via Press Release



Morocco Building 500 MW Solar Power Project

Morocco is a country that is bursting with solar power potential -- it gets 3,000 hours a year of sunshine -- but it relies heavily on the import of fossil fuels. That may be turning around with plans for a 500 MW solar complex to include solar PV and concentrating solar installations and a larger goal to reach 2,000 MW of installed solar power capacity by 2020.

The complex will be built in Ouarzazate and should be completed by 2015. The first phase will be a parabolic trough facility. When completed, the project will prevent 240,000 tons of canadianpharmacy CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of taking 80,000 cars off the road. The large project has been funded by at least partially funded by a $297 million loan from the World Bank.

Morocco also has great wind power potential along its coastline with a technical potential of about 10,000 MW, though a lack of transmission infrastructure to viagra and women get that power into the saturday tramadol cod grid is holding development back. Morocco's plans to install a mix of solar and wind power could reduce its fossil fuel imports by 2.5 million tons a year and carbon emissions by 9 million tons a year.

via CleanTechnica

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