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Solar Power

Tesla and enter site cialis next day delivery SolarCity Team Up to Create Solar-Powered, Off-Grid Homes

Tesla Motors has found a new application for its battery technology -- off-grid solar-powered homes. The automaker is buy cialis on the internet teaming up with solar panel installer SolarCity to connect its batteries to solar-powered homes, unlinking the panels from the grid and using the batteries as back-up.

The team has submtited applications for 70 different projects to California utility PG&E's solar incentive program that would see homes linked together with Tesla battery packs and solar panels. The batteries would store energy produced by the panels for use during the night, on cloudy days and during grid power outages, allowing the homes to operate fully free of the grid.

The partnership is relying on incentives to cialis delivery in 5 days or less get the projects moving. If the projects qualify for the California incentives and federal tax incentives, the cost of these installations could be cut in half, making them much more appealing to homeowners since solar panel installations are already expensive and those coupled with battery storage would be even more so. But if they can get the costs down and market this combined system, we could see off-grid living become much more approachable.

via SolarCity and GigaOm


NASA Funding Satellite That Would Beam Solar Power Down to Earth

NASA is providing Artemis Innovation Management Solutions with seed money to build a satellite that could collect solar energy and beam it back down to Earth. Harvesting solar energy from space has been talked about for a long time, but has been deemed too expensive or the technology just wasn't there. Now with former NASA engineer John Mankins at the helm, it looks like this concept is finally set to take off.

The turning point for this technology is all due to the biomimetic design that Mankins came up with, which mimics how flower petals collect solar energy. The petals would be covered with small, thin-film mirrors that could be curved to best online viagra direct sunlight to solar cells. The satellite would be positioned far enough away from the Earth so that it will never be in the dark. The energy collected would be converted into microwaves that could be beamed or broadcast back to Earth where electricity would be generated. The design allows for the use of small, lightweight mirrors and solar cells so that the viagra 30 mg satellite could be constructed and transported at a not-ridiculous cost.

The potential for this technology is huge. The satellite could feasibly send a constant stream of microwaves because of its position -- possibly thousands of megawatts worth. That constant stream of unlimited energy would utlimately make any upfront costs totally negligible and could bring a huge leap in amount of renewable energy fed to the grid. Truly, this is the stuff that clean tech dreams are made of.

The NASA funding is for a proof of concept study that could lead to a prototype being built if all checks out. That prototype would then be tested in near-Earth orbit and then, fingers crossed, full scale satellites would be built and launched.


Images via John Mankins


Solar Thermal Heating Could Eliminate CO2 Emissions from Cement Production

Cement production is the second largest human-caused contribution of 100 tramadol CO2 to the atmosphere responsible for five to six percent of all human-caused CO2 emissions. So far, many researchers have concentrated on creating cement that can sequester CO2 to balance out the CO2 its production releases, but now researchers at George Washington University are going to the root of the problem and eliminating CO2 emissions at the source.

The researchers have found a way to overnight viagra use solar thermal heating to create a method of cement production that has zero CO2 emissions. The release of CO2 during cement production is in two key places: first is branded levitra when limestone is converted into lime, which involves decarbonation and releases CO2 as a byproduct; second is from burning fossil fuels to heat the kiln reactors that allow that chemical reaction to occur.

The team's Solar Thermal Electrochemical Production (STEP) process eliminates CO2 from both of those places. Solar thermal heating replaces the burning of fossil fuels and the heat also is essential in the electrolysis of the limestone. Using electrolysis to convert limestone into lime creates a byproduct of either oxygen and graphite or carbon monoxide, not CO2.

The STEP process would also be cheaper than the existing cement production process and if the cheap tramadol buy online carbon monoxide byproduct were sold to other industries, it would actually create a net positive of $298 per ton compared to the cost of $70 per ton for conventional production.

The researcher say the STEP process could be utilized in other industries that require limestone being converted to lime, like iron and aluminum purification, glass, paper and sugar production and 50 mg viagra from canadian pharmacy agriculture.




Largest Solar Thermal System Installed at University in Saudi Arabia

The world's largest solar thermal system, with a collector area of nearly 400,000 square feet (over 36,200 square meters). The system is providing hot water and heat for the entire campus of the Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The campus covers 8 square kilometers (over 3 square miles) and houses 40,000 students and faculty.

Special solar glass as well as a special mounting system for the panels were used to help protect them from the region's sandstorms, which could otherwise ruin the $4.7 million dollar array. The array is nearly twice as large as the previous record holding array, located in Denmark. Panels for the project were built by Austrian manufacturer GREENoneTEC

via: Engineering News-Record


Making Solar Panels with an Ion Cannon

Twin Creeks Technologies has announced a new method to make less expensive solar cells. While we see many new ways of making cheap solar panels, most of these methods focus on producing panels with alternative materials rather than silicon. But the method developed by Twin Creeks produces ultra-thin pieces of crystalline silicon by using an ion cannon dubbed Hyperion.

There are a number of different materials that are used for solar cells, but crystalline silicon is the material that has been used for cells with the highest efficiency. Unfortunately, it also has a very high cost. Much of the thickness of the silicon cell does not contribute to making electricity. Thinner cells would work as well, and use less material, but they have been too hard to produce until now, because crystalline silicon is a fragile and brittle material.

The Hyperion ion cannon bombards discs of silicon with hydrogen ions with a very precisely controlled charge. These accumulate in a layer 20 micrometers below the surface. After bombardment, the discs are transported to a furnace where the fda approved viagra ions expand into hydrogen gas and shear off a fine layer of crystalline silicon called a lamina, which is no prescription pharmacy online tramadol ten times thinner than conventionally produced silicon (20 micrometers versus 200 micrometers). These pieces can be mounted on a metal backing which supports the silicon and allows it to flex without breaking. This method also eliminates the waste of silicon which is ordinarily lost from conventional sawing.

The company claims an ability to visit our site search cialis create silicon solar cells for under 40 cents per watt (half the price of viagra online pharmacy usa conventional methods), and says that one of its Hyperion systems has the capacity to produce 1.5 million wafers - enough for 6 megawatts of solar cells - per year.

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