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Solar Power

Greece Planning a Solar Power Boom

Greece has laid out a new plan to get itself out of a recession and cheap viagra in us to spread renewable energy through the country and the EU.  The new plan called Project Helios would see the country expanding its solar power capacity to 10 GW by 2050 through financing by international investors.

Greece is hoping to capitalize on one of it's great resources:  the country gets 300 sunny days a year.  Greece would lease out land to only best offers viagra tablets sale investors to build solar installations as a way to generate income and add jobs. To make the deal more attractive to investors, the country is promising to greatly ease licensing obstacles and cut out most of the red tape involved in building these projects.

The solar power systems would be connected to the levitra prescription label mainland, islands and to the rest of i recommend best canadian pharmacy continent, which would help other EU countries meet the renewable energy mandate that requires member countries to get 20 percent of their electricity from renewables by 2020.  The set up would be similar to the huge DESERTEC project in North Africa, but on a smaller scale within the EU.

The project would see 2.2 GW of capacity installed by 2020, 10 GW by 2050 and ultimately the country would become an exporter of renewable energy.

via Greentech Media


Glass Roof Tiles Collect Energy

The roof is typically the best and biggest part of most homes for energy collection. But most of the available systems for gathering this energy are unsightly. That's not a concern for these roof tiles from a Swedish company, SolTech Energy, that are made from glass.

With a roof made from these tiles, it is possible to produce 300-500 kWh per square meter per year (28-46 kWh per square foot per year). Heated air collects under the glass tiles like a greenhouse, and is try it buy levitra generic then drawn in and concentrated to transfer the heat to a hot fluid for use in heating the it's great! cialis one a day building. The system is ideal for use with a heat pump or a boiler where a hot water storage tank stores the collected heat. Then, when heat is needed, the heat pump or boiler has pre-heated water available, so that less external energy is needed to cheap viagra alternative heat the space.

In addition to the energy benefits, glass tiles are expected to have a longer lifespan than traditional clay or concrete roof tiles. And because the glass is a smooth material, snow tends to slide off more readily, so that the system keeps itself cleared and cheap viagra pills in operating condition more of the time. The tiles also match common tile shape so that the glass roof system can be incorporated into a conventional tile roof.

via: Sweets News and Products


Solar Roadways Set to Build First Solar Parking Lot

Solar Roadways, the company behind a technology that could transform the nation's roads into a network of shatter-proof, energy-generating solar panels, has just a received a new $750,000 grant from the federal government.  With that money, the team will get to work at developing a prototype solar parking lot that will fully put their technology to the test.

The federal government has previously given the cialis from india start-up a $100,000 grant and they also received $50,000 from GE's Ecomagination Challenge that allowed the company to only best offers buy prescription cialis without fully develop its 12 foot x 12 foot solar panel.  The panels contain LED lights that could display road warnings and directions, while embedded heating elements could also help keep snow and ice from gathering on roads.  Underground wires will connect the panels to the grid to power street lights and even nearby buildings.

This fantastic idea has only one real drawback -- each panel costs about $7,000, which when spread across a network of roads and parking lots would add up quickly.  Hopefully as Solar Roadways continues to test and tramadol prescription drug develop its technology, cost-saving measures can also be found.

via Businessweek


Wal-Mart Going 100% Renewable in Canada

Wal-Mart Canada has revealed that they're working towards getting 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy.

To meet that goal, two large Canadian stores have been outfitted with rooftop solar panels and wind turbines, with other major projects on the way.  The retail store intends to generate enough renewable energy to sell some back to the grid.

Hopefully, these plans extend to viagra online no prescription the U.S. as well.  Many stores here have been outfitted with solar panels, and a New Jersey store will soon replace all its light poles with wind turbines, but the company has indicated that they'll only work towards being completely powered by renewable energy if that renewable energy matches or beats grid parity.  So, as long as it's cheap.

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Yosemite Installs Largest National Park Solar Array

Yosemite National Park is known for El Capitan and the breathtaking views captured by Ansel Adams, but visitors may soon remember another sight from their trip.  Yosemite has installed the largest solar power array of all the national parks with a 672 kW system that will provide 12 percent of the park's power needs.

Installed by Suntrek, the system consists of cheap generic cialis india a 500 kW solar canopy over a parking lot, a 100 kW rooftop array on best price for levitra a warehouse and a 72 kW wall mounted array, all located within the park's maintenance and administrative complex.  The whole system is made up of 2,800 solar PV panels.

The $4.5 million installation will save the viagra india pharmacy park $50,000 a year on energy costs and the park also expects to receive $700,000 in energy rebates from PG&E over the next five years.

This is something I'd love to see more of.  While no one wants to see our national parks overrun with solar arrays, it is very fitting to install them at administrative or visitor centers where electricity is used.  National parks exist to conserve and protect the most amazing parts of our land, so renewable energy seems to be ideal for providing their electricity.

Head over to SolarWorld's website, the maker of the panels, to see some cool photos of the project.

via Treehugger

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