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Solar Power

Beautiful French Plateau Will Be Home to 100 MW of Solar Power By End of Year

On the lovely Puimichel plateau in Les Mées, France, two solar farms that are currently generating 18.2 MW are expanding into a much larger solar park capable of generating about 100 MW by the end of the year.

The solar arrays take up 89 acres, but will end up covering 200 hectares.  This is the largest solar farm project so far by the builder, Belgium-based Enfinity, and will be the largest solar array in France.

What makes it unique is the way the tramadol tablet arrays are being built without the use of concrete foundations so the local sheep can still graze in the area.  This design is not only friendly to the sheep, but makes for a strikingly beautiful appearance as well (see a great photo here).

via Treehugger

Images via Enfinity




Tensile Solar Offers Lightweight Solar Power

The sustainable design group called SMIT (an acronym for Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology) has been working on lightweight solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for several years. We've seen them before with their Solar Ivy, a method for making an interesting kind of buy fioricet solar energy collector which takes its cues from ivy growing on buildings.

SMIT's latest development is Tensile Solar, which offers low-cost, lightweight fabric structures with integrated thin film solar photovoltaic material to produce electricity as well as to provide shade with a lightweight material. The PV materials are modular, which allows individual leaves to be replaced as needed.

SMIT offers a range of thin film materials for use in their tensile structures, depending on the end user's needs and alternative to viagra uk conditions. These can include amorphous silicon for locations withpredominantly cloudy conditions, CIGS for high efficiency, or organic PV for toxin-free, completely recyclable PV materials.

via: GOOD Environment


Japan Considering Plan to Require Solar Panels on All New Buildings

According to the Nikkei business daily, Japan is considering a plan that would require solar panels on all new buildings and homes by 2030.  Prime Minister Naoto Kan will likely reveal the details of the plan on Thursday when he speaks at the G8 Summit in France to prove their commitment to renewable energy development.

Kan sees the plan as a way to encourage technological innovation that will bring down the cost of renewable energy projects and make them more widespread across Japan.

It's likely that the timing of this new plan is meant to be a counter balance to Kan's expected announcement that Japan will continue operating nuclear plants after their safety and stability is canadian viagra confirmed.

via AFP


Toys "R" Us Facility Getting Largest Solar Rooftop in U.S.

A Toys "R" Us distribution facility in New Jersey will soon be home to the largest solar rooftop installation in the country.  The huge installation will feature 37,000 solar panels producing 5.38 MW of power.

Toys "R" Us has entered into a 20-year power purchase agreement with the Constellation Energy Group -- the builders of the project -- and will meet 72 percent of the facility's energy needs with the solar power system.  The facility's carbon footprint will be reduced by 4,569 tons.

The project just surpasses another huge solar roof in progress on buying online propecia top of viagra north shore the Jersey Gardens mall that will have a capacity of 4.8 MW.  Go New Jersey!

via Treehugger



Top Ten Solar Power States

The New York Times published a rundown today of the top ten states in installed solar power capacity.  That California was number one was no surprise, but the other nine were interesting to see.  Here's the full list:

1. California: 47 percent with 971 megawatts

2. New Jersey: 14 percent with 293 MW

3. Colorado: 5 percent with 108 MW

4. Arizona: 5 percent with 101 MW

5. Nevada: 5 percent with 97 MW

6. Florida: 4 percent with 73 MW

7. New York: 3 percent with 54 MW

8. Pennsylvania: 3 percent with 54 MW

9. New Mexico: 2 percent with 45 MW

10. North Carolina: 2 percent with 42 MW

New Jersey has made its way to second place with some major small-scale solar initiatives.  Rooftops and utility poles across the state have gotten the tramadol for sale solar treatment and all that distributed solar has added up to a nice chunk of MW.

Pennsylvania and North Carolina were interesting additions, as solar programs in other areas, like the Southwest, have gotten a bit more attention.  But it is worth noting that there is over a 900 MW gap between California and the best site viagra online pharmacy usa North Carolina.  California is really at the level I wish all states would strive for, and while 42 MW is nothing to sneeze at, that type of number making our top ten shows we have a much longer way to go overall.

via NY Times

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