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Solar Power

Small Tennessee Town Gets Solar-Powered EV Charging Station

EV charging stations are starting to spread around the nation, but so far there's been a concentration of these installations in cities -- especially when it comes to more cutting-edge stations, like the first public quick-charging station installed in Portland.  But one Tennessee town is proving EV charging needs to happen in more rural areas too.

The town of i recommend buy cialis soft tabs Pulaski has just installed an EV charging station powered by a 20-kW parking lot solar array from Outpost Solar, the first of its kind in the Southeast.  The station is from EV-Charge America and cialis without prescription has two level one plugs and two level two plugs, the type designed to charge the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt.  It's available for use by anyone with a plug-in vehicle.

Smyrna, TN will become the home to a LEAF production facility soon and as that EV hits the roads, this station will likely see a bit of traffic.  Beyond Pulaski, 14 more solar EV charging stations are set to open in Tennessee in the next three years, including locations in Nashville and Chattanooga.

via Autoblog Green


Rotating Solar Home Generates Five Times the Energy It Uses

The Heliotrope solar-powered home created by German architect Rolf Disch rotates to follow the sun's rays.  The design generates enough energy to fully power the where can i get viagra home and feeds surplus energy to the grid, making it the world's first energy positive solar home capable of producing five times the energy it uses.

The cylindrical-shaped Heliotrope has a series of balconies covered with vacuum-solar thermal collectors and features one large 6.6 kW roof solar panel called the Sun Sail that pivots (in addition to viagra cheapest online the house's rotation) to match the angle of the sun.  The pivoting motion allows the soft tab generic cialis online pharmacy Sun Sail to produce about 30 to 40 percent more energy than a static solar panel.

The roof houses a hand railing system that doubles as solar thermal tubing for water heating.  The house also features triple-paneled thermal-insulated glass on the side of the house facing the sun so that the light streaming into the home is maximized throughout the day.

The design also includes rain-water collectors and a waste water purification system.  Currently, three Heliotrope homes have been built.

via Good Clean Tech


Plug-In Solar Appliance Brings Cheap Solar Power to Homes

Solar power company Clarian Technologies has developed a new concept in residential solar power:  the solar appliance.  Just like a refrigerator or microwave, a homeowner can buy the Sunfish solar power system, plug it into any outdoor outlet and start feeding solar power into their home.

Whereas most solar power systems require a contractor to install the price of cialis in canada module and viagra through canada an electrician to connect it to the electric panel through an inverter (to convert the DC power generated to AC power), Clarian says a handy homeowner can install the Sunfish themselves in about an hour.

The other major bonus of cialis philippines such a plug-and-play-type system, is the cost.  Let's face it, that's the main draw.  The base model Sunfish will cost $799 with the largest running about $4,000, where a typical roof-mounted system costs a minimum of $10,000 and goes steeply up from there.

Of course, you get what you pay for.  With the largest Sunfish, a homeowner could expect to viagra soft generic generate about 150 kWh per month, compared to the 920 kWh of electricity that a typical homeowner uses per month.  But for $4,000, that's still a nice dent in your energy usage and, consequently, your energy bill.  What's best about this appliance is that it could make residential solar power accessible to a much wider range of homeowners.

The Sunfish will be Wi-Fi enabled so that homeowners can use energy management software like Google's PowerMeter to monitor their energy production and use.  The Sunfish should be on the market by the middle of 2011 and will likely be sold through big retailers like Lowe's and Costco.

via NY Times


Sticker-Like Lens Improves Solar Panel Efficiency by 12.5%

SolOptics, the solar division of Genie Lens, has created a new lens design that improves solar PV performance by 12.5 percent.  The new thin-film design can be applied to any PV module, just like a sticker.

The new design is created by the company's ray tracing software that embosses microstructures onto thin polymer film.  That film can then be applied to solar panels much like tinting film can be applied to a window.  In testing, the microstructures in the lens improved PV efficiency by 10 to 12.5 percent.

The microstructures in the lens provide greater light absorption, an anti-reflective coating that allows more light capture, even if the light is off-center or off-angle, and lengthen the tramadol fedex overnight shipping path of light so that more electrons are stimulated and therefore more electricity generated.

Another great feature is that the lens can be applied to PV modules, regardless of what they're made of -- silicon, CIGS or cadmium telluride -- and to newly-manufactured or already existing units.

via Greentech Media


New York State Drafts Major Solar Thermal Plan

New York has big plans for solar thermal heating.  A new program paves the way for the installation of one million systems by 2020, amounting to a 2 GW capacity.

In New York, where winters get mighty frosty, 60 percent of energy consumed in buildings goes to buying real cialis without prescription heating and hot water, so this new plan could have a major impact.  The state could see annual savings of 6 million gallons of oil, 9.5 million cubic feet of natural gas and 320 GWh of electricity.  The financial savings would amount to $175 million each year.

These systems would be spread among residential and commercial buildings throughout the state, making hot water and creating steam for heating systems, with residential buildings making up a much larger chunk at 70 percent of the systems installed.

The plan, which was drafted by the state's Solar Thermal Consortium, includes incentives for installing the technology, education and buy chinese herbal levitra training for installers, research and development for better technology and improvements in the permitting process.  It sounds amazing; let's hope the state government implements it.

via Renewable Energy World



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