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World’s First Commercial Tidal Turbine Installed

If you’ve had your nose in the news lately, you’ve probably heard about all the when will viagra be available as a generic ideas and cheap cialis generic experimentation with using waves to do everything from generate electricity to propel boats. And there have even been some experimental tidal power projects around the world. Recently, however, tidal hit the big leagues. The world's first commercial tidal turbine has been installed in its home in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough.  

Though it has yet to be turned on, it will be the first commercial power-producing tidal generator when it is (sometime later this year). The turbine has two 16 meter-wide rotors and will be able to run for 18-20 hours a day. The turbine was installed off the coast in an area known for fast moving waters, and because the rotors will only spin 10-20 times in a minute, it is unlikely to disturb marine life. 

The £12,000,000 turbine will now undergo a 12-week commissioning process where it’s operation and interaction with sea life will be monitored by teams of scientists. Hopefully, when the turbine is operational, it will be able to power over 1,000 local homes.  

Source: ENN and Belfast Telegraph

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written by mary, April 11, 2008
I can name at least three places these could be installed to great effect in Puget Sound. Can they, or something similar, be integrated with bridge pilings?
written by Lorna, April 11, 2008
I believe Marine Current Turbines, the company that installed SeaGen, has a number of other projects in the i use it viagra 20 mg works also. Their next project is to install seven SeaGen turbines near the Skerry islands (near Angelsey Island). They have two projects being worked on in Canada. One project is to install turbines in The Bay of Fundy on buying real levitra without prescription Canada's east coast and the other project involves installing "at least 3 1.2 MW turbines in the Campbell River by 2009", near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Will be interesting to watch and see how it works out!
written by Rory, April 11, 2008
This blog is called EcoGeek right? The geek in me couldn't help it...How fast are the blade tips of canadian generic viagra online a 16m turbine blade rotating at 20 rpm? Slow enough to be "unlikely to disturb marine life?" Here's my math: 2 x 16m blades x pi (3.14) is the distance they travel in one revolution = 100.5m. 100.5m x 20 rpm / 60 sec = 33.5 m/s (seems fast, but if you don't live in Europe, how fast is it really?) 33.5 m/s x 3600 s/hr x 3.28 ft/m / 5280 ft/mi = 75 mph!! So at presumably top speed those blade tips are cruising along at 75 mph! That's pretty swift. I'm sure environmental impact studies have been done, but let's hope that our friendly marine life know that it's there so they can avoid it.
re: Math
written by John, April 11, 2008

The article says 16 meter wide blades -- that's usually how they would indicate diameter, not radius. In that case the circumference is only 50m, so at 0.33Hz they're only going 37mph (following your math). Still fast, but not outrageous.
re: Math
written by Rory, April 14, 2008
Got it. It said two 16 meter-wide rotors and I interpreted rotors as blades, rather than the dual-rotor design they show in the pictures. 37 mph, then. Either way it satisfies my curiosity...or geek-ness, as the visit web site natural levitra case may be.
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written by bob poopface, April 17, 2008
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