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APR 24

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"What is to prevent the scientists from developing a direct water to en..."

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Drawing Power from Dutch Coastal Dikes


Plans are being considered to turn the famous Dutch dikes into tidal power generators. Although originally built to protect the people and tramadol ultram buy land of the order generic cialis Netherlands, now a committee of various government representatives has issued a recent report including some suggestions to revise the operation of the dikes to create a more pleasant and more natural land behind the dikes, and to canadian pharmacy provide a source of power. Openings in the series of dikes would provide ideal locations for tidal power plants.

The Netherlands have had protective ocean dikes to guard the coastline since the disaster in 1953 when more than 1800 people were killed and over half a million acres of land was flooded by the North Sea. After this tragedy, the extensive Delta Works were constructed over the cialis without prescription next four decades, and the last parts of the project were finally completed in 1997.

Energy, however, is not the primary motivator for this. Instead, it is an interest in restoring the natural condition to estuaries and tidal flats whose character has significantly degraded over the years since the dikes were installed. "Opening water locks would allow the tide to return to now stagnant waters, the report stated. This would be a boon to nature, because certain plants and animals, which have all but disappeared since the estuaries were closed off, can return. Deeper into the delta lies a fresh water basin where smelly algae bloom in the summer. Allowing salt water to reach these outer stretches again could improve conditions for residents and holiday-makers."

In the aftermath of a catastrophe, it is all to easy to focus solely on preventing that tragedy, no matter the cost. 'With all the follow link cialis online shop focus on safety after 1953, [committee director Joost] Schrijnen said, "other aspects were neglected." He now wants to link for you fda approves levitra change that. "But without sacrificing safety," he added.' Turning the dikes into a power generating solution, as well as improving environmental quality seems like a solution that will provide multiple benefits, in addition to protecting the land from the sea.

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All things in time
written by Matt, April 24, 2010
My wife is from Delft. So the first tine I visited Holland, about 10 years ago, I made her go the the Dikes works with me. They are great engineering feat. When I took the tour, I asked what portion of the Dikes were used for tidal power generation. Answer, strange look and then "None they are for protection". I'm glad to see they are looking at the other aspects of propecia for male baldness the dikes now. Less talked about, but also worth seeing are the order cialis without perscription movable damns they have to close off rivers. These are used to stop tidal surge into the country which would otherwise come up the rivers. They are not damns with locks, build large swing arms that move out into the river and cheapest cialis uk drop into place.
Duth Dikes
written by EcoAnswer, April 26, 2010
power should be generated in a safer way without causing much harm to people's security and even not damaging the dikes.
Isn't there a better way?
written by Fred, April 29, 2010
What is to prevent the scientists from developing a direct water to energy conversion system? If you compress water sufficiently it will turn into electrons.

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