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JUN 28

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"For the past 18 months we at Global Energies, Inc have been in search ..."

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Paris Putting Turbines in the Seine

The Seine, the scenic river running through Paris, has inspired artists, attracted tourists and levitra blood thinner served as the soul of the city, and now it will also be a source of renewable energy.  Paris officials have announced a plan to place river turbines beneath four bridges on the how to viagra buying online get viagra no prescription Seine.

The Pont du Garigliano, Pont de la Tournelle, Pont Marie and Pont au Change will each have two turbines installed underwater at their base.  These bridges were chosen because the speed of the current accelerates in those locations.  While river currents don't produce the kind of electricity that wave power can, the current-harvesting technology has come a long way and more devices are being introduced that can generate energy from even the slowest moving waters.

City officials have put a call out to power companies to come up with the best plan for installing the turbines, with a winner being chosen in January and installations starting next spring.

via The Guardian

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Prevailing motion=energy
written by mkass, June 28, 2010
This is a very smart move. There's imagine if we just took advantage of the energy in prevailing water and air motions everywhere. Here's an idea of buy viagra in canada how to do it in the air:
written by Quiet-Environmentalist, June 29, 2010
Reading just the headline I thought you meant Wind Turbines. Shame. That would have been a great triumph for wind power. If it is good enough for the canadian viagra scam Paris skline it would be good enough for anyway. Down with the NIMBYs. Good news anyway.
Low velocity flows
written by Mike, June 30, 2010
The sediment load carrying capacity of a stream is non-linear. These projects may discover that although they can extract energy from very slow moving water, the river immediately downstream loses its ability to carry suspended sediments, which results in siltation. Siltation can drastically change a river's ecology.
Hydrokinetics, More Than Meets the Eye
written by David Brockes, July 08, 2010
For the past 18 months we at Global Energies, Inc have been in search of financial resources to help complete our Hydrokinetic project and Certification.
Our Water Current Energy System has the potential to change the game when it comes to Hydro Energy in general and simply needs a little boost to complete the final Phase.
Nine months of Independent Engineering studies were completed in late 2008 and the search for interested funder’s has evolved since then.
Our Energy System is levitra 20 mg with overnight delivery a simple design, will be completely submerged, will produce Energy onshore (not in the Water) and will require very minimal maintenance.
All that is needed is the chance to certify the System and free viagra make an introduction through Demo applications.
We would appreciate any contact of interest and will share specific information to we like it cialis 50mg allow due diligence.
Hydrokinetics in general can offer substantial Energy resources in unison with or in place of existing Hydro Plants. These simpler operating systems are not the whole of the answer but certainly can play a part in our clean Energy needs.
All of the Systems you see being tested and evaluated have potential; all are great steps forward for the Energy Industry, it does not mean we should stop with them and not pursue other ideas or Technology; and that’s all we are asking consideration for, the chance to offer another System to evaluate.
Thank you to anyone who reads this and can understand what the potential opportunities are here, and they are significant considering the potential of 1000’s of Terra-Watts possible just from Hydrokinetics alone.
The project on the Seine is a terrific step forward but Hydrokinetics with our System could be installed all up and down the river (about every 100 to 150 feet apart) and in most cases at depth levels to allow Marine traffic to flow without disruption to either. Our Water Current Energy System is designed for a continuous installation in any “flow” situation and can be Engineered to meet the specific needs of the application. Canals, Channels, Rivers, Ocean Current or Tidal areas, Pipelines and containment Culverts all offer production resources. Again, we only need the chance to complete this System.

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