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SEP 07

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"this can be better than wind power thou must keep in mind that most of..."

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Finavera Deploys 40 ton AquaBuOY 2.0

Finavera Renewables has just successfully deployed its second generation AquaBuOY, a wave generation plant that weighs nearly 40 tons and how much does viagra cost is 75 feet long. Only about ten feet of the device shows above the water. As the buoy rocks up and down in the viagra to order surf, it generates power with an internal generator.

That power can then be shipped back to shore via tramadol sale an underwater transmission cable. The bouy's huge size allows it to canada levitra generic harness a great deal of the moving water's massive energy. No word, however, on how much energy each of these will produce. But, as with wind and solar, wave power only has up-front costs. Once the project is buy cialis australia in place, the "fuel" that creates the power is free.

Finavera alraedy has about 250 megawatts of i use it sale viagra wave power planned or under development in America. The AquaBuOY 2.0 wave farm off the coast of Oregon could be underway as soon as 2010.
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written by weee, September 08, 2007
This looks like one of the least invasive, most practical ways of generating electricity from wave power I've seen.
Renewable energy
written by Christopher May, September 08, 2007
Isn't the wave generation plant a great idea? There is a groundswell of debate here in Australia about renewables, especially solar, wind and geothermal (hot rock technology), at present. Unfortunately, our Prime Minister John Howard agrees with your President that we need to look seriously at nuclear power as a carbon-neutral means of obtaining energy. Unfortunately, a nuclear power station takes 10 years of power consumption from coal or gas fired power stations and liquid fossil fuels to extract material and set up shop. Short-sightedness indeed, when the other above forms of buy viagra next day cheap energy generation are cost-free after initial set-up costs.
written by Enrique, September 09, 2007

Wave energy production would be great for Australia and the state of Florida in the U.S.
Both our leaders:The U.S. and Australians are still stuck in 20th century, more of the same is better mentality.
Here in the U.S, the coal industry is very powerful as well as the oil companies. There are going to do anything they can to maintain their energy market share.
written by CD, September 09, 2007
so... no maintenence costs EVER? Doubtful.
Don't forget maintenence costs
written by Jack, September 10, 2007
For instance:

Shark attacks
Police agents trying to control run away boats in a cheap hollywood blockbuster, said boat explodes on impact
Russia sub mishaps
Meddling kids
Ninja Sharks
Ninjas Sharks persued by meddling kids
Ghost pirate ships
Chinese hackers

I could go on, but we all know the viagra soft tabs canada dangers of submerged off shore power stations in this dark period of history :(
written by Tammy, September 10, 2007
there would, of course, be maintenance costs... but that'd be far more useful than what's currently being thought of. Sounds like a wonderful idea that should be explored.
Tidal Generation coming to pharmacy fuition
written by Twist9, September 10, 2007
I am a high school student who has been highly interested in alternatives generation technologies for some time and I have been waiting for practical tidal generators to come into vogue for some time. From the Ocean Power Delivery Wave Farm in Portugal to some proposed turbine based plants in New York and cialis prescriptionsgeneric cialis sale nature-based ocean-current harnessing designs, hydro-electric technologies have been evolving by leaps and bounds, we can only hope that these technologies truly pay off and get larger investor interest sooner rather than later.
Another competing tidal wave
written by Dave Jones, January 03, 2008
See Swell Fuel -
good solution
written by givans, May 16, 2008
this can be better than wind power thou must keep in mind that most of this "solutions" sunk - that is worst then maintenance

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