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OCT 05

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"i think i would contribute by not leaving a giant tv on levitra best price all weekend in..."

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Texting for Global Warming

This past weekend Toronto was home to viagra how to buy an international arts festival, originating in Paris, which is only on for one night a year. Nuit Blanche offers a city-sized venue for performers and buy ultram without rx artists. Among those were some green-minded personalities with a penchant for technology.

Of course, being an ecogeek, I had to check out this installation. An independent media artist, curator and writer, Nina Czegledy and company erected a massive projection screen and titled the project "What will you do (to stop climate change)?"

A slew of answers were streamed across the screen and visitors could add their own in real-time by text-messaging responses from their cell phones. It was really cool to see some of the insightful comments made, as well as those with a humourous twist such as "I will shower in groups to conserve water" or "I will use leaves instead of toilet paper." The interactive media used and fun atmosphere of the installation attracted a lot of attention and brought some life into what some might consider a tired subject.

Photo courtesy of Shelley MacMillan
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written by Andrew, October 06, 2007
i think i would contribute by not leaving a giant tv on all weekend in the streets of toronto

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