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OCT 08

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"What a waste of time. At least they were using some neurons. Let's hop..."

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Future Vehicle: Horse Powered Van

Oh my god....they aren't kidding. I thought it had to be a joke...but is not. "Naturmobil, A Gift of Science to cialis in spain Nature" far sounds very EcoGeeky. Indeed, the Naturmobil is 100% carbon neutral, can travel at speeds of up to....well, they can't really say, and has a horse in it.

Yes, that's right...the wave of the future, a horse-powered vehicle. The horse walks on the treadmill (presumably toward an ever-out-of-reach carrot) and the treadmill charges some batteries, which then power the car.

Well, it's nice to see people thinking...I just wish they'd, y'know, think a bit more before investing in something like this. If you want to read a bit more, check out

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written by Webster, October 08, 2007
I'm totally submitting my patent for the van that runs by putting this van inside a larger van. :)
written by rob, October 08, 2007
They are overlooking one major (well actually several) problem. Anyone who rides horses, will tell you that when trotting they regularly do enormous farts, so it could get rather smelly in that van....
written by Tracy, October 09, 2007
Um... did it occur to anyone to put the horse on the outside of the van? Say, in the front? with some ropes or something attached to the horse so you could control it from, say the seat of a wagon?
How powerful... let's do the math...
written by Daniel Lunsford, October 09, 2007
A Porsche 911 = 530 Horsepower
A VW GTI Turbo = 150 Horsepower
Honda Civic Hybrid = 85 Horsepower
Horse-Powered car = 1 Horsepower!!

No offense, but I own a power drill that has almost as much torque as that baby!
An obvious hoax site
written by Danno, October 09, 2007
This has to levitra woman be a hoax. No one could really take this seriously.

There is no address or base of operations on the site, and many of the pages are broken VBscript.

They should have saved this for April 1st.
written by Dave Smith, October 09, 2007
Using a horse's motion to charge a battery to power motion is almost as crazy as using electricity to produce hydrogen to produce electricity, as in the previous article.
It's a Photoshopped Horse
written by Kevin Miller, October 09, 2007
Looks like someone photoshopped that horse in there... you can see the fuzzyness on the horse's back from cutting it out of a background. Also, the horse is semi-transparent!
written by vigilant20, October 09, 2007
I can't keep my car clean the only now buy generic levitra online way it is!
You do realize?
written by Ian, October 09, 2007
You do realize that large animals like cows and viagra lowest price yes horses do produce methane gas aka carbon gas. so if this thing catches on, it will actually be contributing to global warming.
0 least some neurons were firing
written by Sed Emihcra, October 11, 2007
What a waste of time. At least they were using some neurons. Let's hope the next big innovation isn't a build upon Amish technology.

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