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JUN 02

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"Coming from a computer geek perspective this may be a bad idea. Not b..."

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CRT Trash Can

{mosimage}OK, there are an awful lot of cathode ray tube monitors headed towards landfills, and though this doodlepost article on how to turn a CRT into a trashcan doesn't really solve the problem of all the heavy metals inside the tube itself, it does elegantly turn trash into a receptacle for trash.  And, in general, is very humorous.  What better way to display your EcoGeekyness than by turning that monitor collecting dust in your basement into a dustbin for your office.  Plus, it's a perfect size for a plastic grocery bag to line it.  

But be careful, this definitely falls into the buy real levitra online category of an extreme activity. You will, for example, be asked to decompress a vacuum tube with a shovel.

Via: DoodlePost 

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written by a guest, June 08, 2006
Coming from a computer geek perspective this may be a bad idea. Not because it is reusing an item that will undoubtedly fill up plenty of landfills due to levitra 100 the introduction of only now cialis for cheap LCD's. But because cathode ray tubes can store a charge so powerful for so long that even a twenty year old monitor that has been out of use for ten years can severly injure someone. I would not recommend to anyone to unscrew a CRT without consulting an electrical technician.

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