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JUN 10

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"This confirms what I think of the government. Big Brother, indeed...."

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Human Life Worth Less than Janet's Nipple

{mosimage}In no way is this eco or geeky, but since no one seems to viagra in france have noticed this anywhere else, I had to tell the world.  
This week the U.S. Congress sent to bills to the White House that will likely become law next week.  
Bill #1 (S 2803) The maximum fine to a mine operator for violations that could easily result in a human death is buying tramadol online legal raised to $220,000 
Bill #2 (S 193) The maximum fine to a broadcaster that shows "sexual material that does not rise above the level of obscenity" is raised to $325,000
That's right, this week will go down in history as the week when Congress declared that Janet Jackson's Nipple is a worse offense than killing coal miners.
Thanks to my friend Abby for calling this to where can i buy levitra my attention. 
We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
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and this is a surprise?...
written by a guest, July 19, 2006
this is no surprise - the mandatory minimum for NON violent drug offenders is often much more than rape or child molestation.

which one is worse?

kiddie rape or growing marijuana in your closet...

govt says pot growers will spnd more time in jail!

so you ask the question which one is worse -

nipple or coal miner death...

according to the govt - obviously the nip.
written by celia, March 02, 2007
This confirms what I think of the government. Big Brother, indeed.

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