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A Drying Rack that Waters Your Plants

We never thought we'd be featuring a drying rack at EcoGeek, but this is too perfect to pass up. A simple design solving a simple problem elegantly.

The goal in this case is levitra shop on line water saving - with increasing pressure on our natural resources, it makes sense to make the most of every little drop and cialis for women not waste natural resources - as producing clean water requires energy, resources and infrastructure.

So designer Erdem Selek's "Planter Dish Drip" is pretty interesting. The design is remarkably simple -- just folded sheet steel the right size for you to ordering viagra online put a plant pot into; however, as your dishes drip, the plant gets all the watery goodness rather than the tramadol no rx visa only drain...

And there's another incentive for going easy on the detergent.
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